Construction of HPP on the Shilka can lead to shallowing of the Amur — scientist

Construction of the Trans-Siberian hydropower plant on the Shilka river can cause shallowing of the Amur, the level of which is constructed from hydro and so lowered by 1.5 meters, said Friday at a meeting of the Interregional Association "Far East and Trans-Baikal" Director of the Institute of Water and Ecological Problems FEB RAS Boris Voronov.

In February, the company "EuroSibEnergo" (a subsidiary of "Rusal" Oleg Deripaska owns En +) announced plans for the construction of hydropower plants on the river Shilka — a major tributary of the Amur River. Interest in the project showed China Yangtze Power Company — owner of the world's largest hydropower plant "Three Gorges" in China. Later, the company En + WWF accepted the offer and agreed to take a break to study the impact of hydraulic works on the ecology of the river.

"The Amur River basin some 100 HPS. Including two big in Russia. Zeya hydroelectric One took 40 centimeters summer level Amur Bureyskaya slightly smaller and the other about a meter. And now, a total of about 1.5 meters the summer level of the Amur we lost . We have no conditions for normal ordinary fish spawning. Shilka will only aggravate the situation, "- said the Ravens.

He noted that the hydro dam will flood 47,000 hectares of good land, including arable land. Disrupt migration routes of fish and wildlife. Depending on the height of the dam will be flooded from 7 to 20 villages. People go out, contrary to the plans to build on the population in the Far East.

"It is essential that organizations seeking to build hydropower plant on the Shilka, rejected this idea, it is not environmentally or socially, politically meet the challenges that we have now. And with these problems we face because we do not have the Regional Environmental adapted schemes promising energogidrostroitelstva in the Amur basin. needed research, the nature and pace of development, energy needs, and which cross-sections of the river for this approach. need as soon as possible up to 1.5 years to make such a scheme "- the director of the Institute of Water and ecological problems.

Earlier it was reported that plans to build hydropower plant on the Shilka slammed public debate, especially in March, in the Amur region last week in defense of the Shilka. Against the construction of HPP were Khabarovsk unions, environmental organizations of the Far East. In addition, together with the residents of the five regions of the WWF sent a letter to the embassy in the Far East and the Russian government on the construction of hydropower plants on the inadmissibility of Shilka.

In turn, the company EN + agreed with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia to study hydro Amur River basin, while suspending work on the project of Trans-Siberian hydropower plant.

To conduct the study WWF Russia and EN + set up a working group to prepare the terms of reference for a comprehensive evaluation, and attract competent to carry it out by specialists and the scientific community. The study is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

Decision about the future of hydropower project will be based on the conclusions of a comprehensive environmental assessment.

Cupid — the most important part of the ecosystem of the Amur region, where there is an acute problem of water resources. On spawning tributaries disappear, falling numbers of animals listed in the Red Book. In particular, in the basin are the way the migration of millions of birds, 300 species of birds breed here. There is also 95% of the nests left in the world stork, 65% of Japanese and 50% of white-naped cranes.

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