Course of evolution violates global warming

Scientists at the University of Michigan (United States) are seriously concerned about the influence of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on the interaction of insects and plants. Global warming, acting on the structure of the air, will help change the course of evolution, they say. This statement is Mark Hunter and Rachel Vannet results justify monitoring Syrian milkweed (Asclepias Syriaca). This plant in the course of evolution has developed protection from encroaching on his insect: it produces chemical compounds with insecticidal properties, a group of plant poisons — cardenolides. This ability, respectively, to be inherited, which promotes the survival and expansion of the species. The participants of this food chain are sensitive enough to change the ecosystem and the environment, particularly the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. The scientists decided to conduct an experiment in which, the influence of the level of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at different genetic types of the same population Asclepias Syriaca in northern Michigan, in particular, the change in the value of a given population. Rachel Vannet told that the key characteristics of the modifying effects of milkweed in carbon dioxide are plant growth, reproduction and production of insecticides and toxic substances. The results showed that, in response to increasing carbon dioxide levels all the plants in the first and second parameter reacted the same way: accelerated plant growth and reproductive period. As for the production of toxic substances, the results were mixed: part of the population has reduced the level of production of cardenolides, the other increased it to about half. Insects, performing the function of natural selection, look for a plant produces the least possible toxic components that have insecticidal properties. Due to the reduction of chemical protection in the form of plant toxins Syrian milkweed reacted physical change: the leaves become tougher, plant growth accelerated. As a result, the plants become the representatives of natural selection among insects. Reduce the effects of global warming, whether insect or those will develop an antidote to vegetable poisons, as yet unknown.

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