CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION (steps and key dates).

CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION (steps and key dates).
Forecast for the period up to 2122.

This forecast is made based on the individual views of the future of humanity and the planet Earth New Group of Seers (New Seers).
Event Dates may vary by + — 5.10 years.

2012-2022 years.
The gradual increase of seismic activity in Europe, Africa, around Australia, North and South Pole, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and possibly in the Indian. Increase in volcanic activity.
Gradual but inexorable rise in temperature, the beginning of melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic.

2022 — 2042 years.
Start cracking continents in areas of high seismic activity (joints plates). The formation of new volcanoes and revitalization of old, start changing contours of the continents, the formation of new ones.
The climate is highly variable, both in temperature and composition, the beginning of change in the gas composition of the atmosphere. Possible period, as strong cooling and strong heating of the planet's atmosphere.
The onset of water to the land, flooding low-lying areas.

2042-2062 years.

The main period of the formation of a new climate, new continents and final change existing, complete melting of glaciers.
Maximum period of tectonic activity, the maximum change in climate.

2062 -2112 years.
The gradual decrease of seismic activity and the final formation of the new composition of the atmosphere, and new climatic zones.

Human civilization — the historical future.

Period of 2011 — 2022 years.
Imperceptible and gradual, but inexorable increase the impact of adverse weather conditions on the economy. The gradual increase in the number of technical and environmental disasters, the number of victims that will accrue. The beginning of political and economic instability in many countries. Start migration from disadvantaged areas living in neighboring countries.
Attempts to increase the power by tightening regimes.

Period of 2022 — 2042 years.
The death of a large number of the world's population as a result of natural disasters associated with both high seismic activity, and with the increased speed of air flow (wind, hurricanes, typhoons), and with loss of a significant number of precipitation. In some areas of severe drought.
The main wave of migration out of the survivor population living in disadvantaged areas of the neighboring regions.
Destruction of the economy on the mainland, the decline of centralized power (the Board) in most countries.
People — the struggle for survival.
In the general chaos. By 2042, will probably remain 50% of the population.

Period 2042-2062

The death of a significant number of the remaining population of the planet Earth, will not sustain a significant influence of climatic and tectonic changes. The remains of the population — about 10-20% of today's population.

Period 2062-2122 — The rise of a new civilization.
Complete breakdown of the remaining pockets of the old regime and structures.
Survivors of a new structure on the planet begin to form new spiritual (coordination) centers.

Beginning of a new history of mankind (or have another kind?).

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