Cruel experiment on mice proves the existence of the soul


Russian scientists have proved that the soul can be weighed. It became clear in the course of experiments with choking in a glass flask mice.

The researchers say that with the help of modern devices can take pictures of the soul. This is done using the so-called "gas discharge visualization method," which captures the energy field. Doctor of Technical Sciences Nicholas Zalichev argues that the soul can not only take pictures, but also to weigh.

This is done through experiment in which the mouse was placed in a glass flask, after which the lid is sealed. The experience was brutal and revealing.

Nicholas Zalichev
Doctor of Engineering: "The flask was weighed and mouse after a while panting. It was painful to watch, but it's the experience. Weight of the flask became smaller. Mouse gave his soul — it is the gravitational field. This matter, all matter has mass. "

Details — in the video:

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