Dangerous Music


Music can do wonders: relieve stress, improve mood and overall health. But it can also destroy the psyche.

Healing and disastrous

Recently, experts from the Maryland School of Medicine have found that listening to your favorite music has a positive effect on the circulatory system. The greatest benefit of the body brings listening classical pieces and folk tunes.

The researchers for experimental purposes lost works by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi at libraries and in doctors' offices. Polls visitors and patients showed that their mood has improved by 63% (compared with those who did not listen to music), and job satisfaction — 50%.

In addition, classical music positively affects the ability of people to spatial thinking, increases concentration and analytical capabilities of the brain. Pop and dance rhythms lungs did not have any positive impact. A heavy rock was even harmful: may lead to mental illness.

And, as it turned out, not only to the psychic. A group of Belgian doctors from the academic hospital AZ-ZUB led by Dr. Mark Noppeney issued a statement that any loud music can cause spontaneous pneumothorax — a disease of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. According to scientists, constantly repeating bass makes the lungs vibrate, causing disrupted the rhythm of breathing.
Where would call "the Pied Piper flute"

There are universal frequency, which seemed to "encode" the subconscious. They are present, for example, on cassettes with recordings of psychological training, language training, meditation and trance techniques, sometimes informally in commercials. This helps to better absorb the necessary information. Certain combinations of frequencies and are able to bring a person into a state of mental balance and withdraw from it.
Prophets and priests have long used special instruments.

Thus, during the liturgical Hebrew priests played the flute, horn or trumpet. The Levites are often used stringed instruments — the lyre, harp, wind instruments — flute of cane, wood or bone, drums — drums, cymbals, gongs, bells. The sound of each instrument, due to the peculiarities of vibrations in some way affected the subconscious. For example, the horn (shofar) sounded not only in the liturgy, but also was called upon to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Playing the flute, drum, harp allow a person to dive into a state of ecstasy and experience mystical enlightenment.

Today, musical concerts can be seen as listeners fall into a trance — the faces appear aloof expression, they sway, eyes closed, in the rhythm of the music is playing … This feedback is of the same frequency. Some composers can intuitively find these desired frequency. On this basis, they write melodies, acting on the audience as the flute famous Pied Piper — lure, fascinate …

But there is the opposite effect. During the song people got up and left the room. When asked why they leave, without waiting for the end of the speech, answered that they felt somehow uncomfortable, uncomfortable. What happened to people in fact, no one knew. It turns out that the melody had been deliberately "laid" frequency depressing effect on the psyche.

Rhythms of the storm personality

It is time to talk about rock music. The emergence of rock belongs to the 50s of the last century. It coincided with the spread of drug addiction and the beginning of the sexual revolution in the West. It seems no accident.

Listening to rock songs often introduced young people (and fond of rock mostly young people) to the state of a trance, almost similar to that which occurs when taking drugs.
"Rock — like a drug, but is not punishable by law and are much cheaper," — once said to a young Japanese man. No wonder the fans of this musical genre are willing to sell the soul of the recording of their idols! A case where a 14 year old girl from California killed his own mother, inflicting multiple stab wounds. This was preceded by listening to music in the style of "hard rock".

Catholic priest and scholar of rock 'n' roll Rezhembal Jean-Paul writes, "lies in the power of rock broken pulsations, rhythms, causing biopsychic body reaction that may affect the functioning of the various organs of the body (in particular, the bit can cause increased heart rate and increase in adrenaline and excitement in the genital area). If, for example, the rhythm of a multiple of one and a half beats per second and is accompanied by intense pressure ultra-low frequency (15-30 Hz), then it can cause a person to distraction.

When the rhythm is equal to two beats per second, and on the same "frequency" of the listener falls into a dance "trance", which is akin to a narcotic. Modern rock band working in the range of 80,000 Hz to 20 or even lower. The intensity of the sound reaches 120 decibels, although the human ear tuned to the average intensity of 55 dB. This is the decisive assault on the whole person .. There have been cases when an overabundance of high or low frequencies strongly traumatized brain. "

Listening to rock, as it turned out, affects the ability to think. Another Soviet scientists have found that listening to rock songs for 10 minutes, the students of seventh grade at the time to forget the multiplication table! A Japanese researchers have tried to ask visitors to rock concerts three simple questions: "What is your name?", "Where are you?" And "What a year now? '. And what do you think? None of the respondents were not able to answer all three questions!

According to the West German Professor B. Rauch, rock music causes the production of stress hormones, which leads to a blurring of the information imprinted in the brain and to the gradual mental deterioration. A Swiss doctors managed to prove that after a visit to a rock concert deteriorating orientation and reduced response to stimuli. The typical pattern is observed after administration of drugs.

There is evidence that in ancient times the "heavy" rhythms could serve as an indirect instrument of murder. For example, the sound of loud bacchantes drums fell into madness and torn apart youths whom they lusted after. For many people, public executions were accompanied by beating a rhythm on the bass drum.
Anyway, a number of researchers in earnest associate rock music with black magic and Satanism.

There is a legend that in the early '50s a Canadian pastor during the ritual expulsion of the demons from the possessed parishioners heard: "I — Prince, and I am coming. We've all come to take possession of the future generation. " Subsequently, the exorcist has connected this monologue with the advent of rock culture. Not by chance to the visitors of rock concerts often uses the term "rave".

For example, in 1965, at a concert of "The Beatles" in the U.S. were killed and dozens of people were crushed in 1981 at a concert of "Ze Hu" killed 11 and wounded 42 people. More than 1,000 people were seriously injured in the rock festival in Melbourne.

Many rock musicians advertise their activities in black magic and their loyalty to Satan. For example, Alice Cooper (real name Vincent Fournier) took the stage name in honor of the witches, which supposedly possessed by the spirit in him at a seance, and promised him wealth and fame. During the concert the singer repeatedly issued to the stage boiler with blood and animal entrails and threw its contents to the public. And one of his albums is called "Alice Cooper goes to hell …"

Mick Jagger ("The Rolling Stones") calls itself "the embodiment of Lucifer." The names of three of his songs — "Sympathy for the Devil," "Their Satanic Majesties 'and' Spell My Demon Brother." A "vampire" image of Marilyn Manson, once publicly at the scene had broken the Bible? Ozzy Osbourne and his band "Black Sabbath" seriously engaged in the study of satanic practices, starting with the "black masses" and ending sacrifices. Although the band officially preached Christianity in her compositions found many occult symbols, such as "the number of the Antichrist" — 666.

On the cover of rock bands are not uncommon image inverted triangle, pentagram, hexagram, and other occult and Satan Nin symbolism. By the way, rumor has it that such leading figures of the rock industry, as David Crosby, Neil Young and Graham Nash, too, are Satanists. Graham Nash once said: "We can conduct the world. We have at our disposal the necessary force. "

Musical drugs

Abroad for a long time, there are so-called "digital drugs" — computer programs based on the principles of binaural audiovozdeystviya on the brain. To create the desired effect audio track listening through headphones, and on the right and left channels are fed headphones sounds of different frequencies. As a result, aliasing can "translate" the brain in the corresponding states in a controlled way.

Author of the procedure, the American Jim Peter, together with his colleagues in the late 90's developed the program «SbaGen», which allows, in turn, choose to create a variety of intervention programs that simulate the dynamics of brainwave frequencies, resulting in the use of certain drugs. The methods of binaural audiovozdeystviya programs have been established for meditation, entering into altered states of consciousness, increasing the concentration.

According to the expert Rohit Talwar, over the next twenty years, the traditional drug business will come to naught, and the "safe" drugs are quite officially disseminated solid scientific corporations. But is it really so they are "safe"? Wanting to constantly feel a sense of euphoria, people will lose an adequate perception of the surrounding reality.

And too frequent use of artificial management of emotions can lead to the fact that the natural mechanisms of cerebral autoregulation gradually atrophy. And as the "electronic" drugs affect people with various mental pathologies, for patients with epilepsy? Questions still more questions than answers.

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