Death in the hangar

Death in the hangarA fire in a hangar in Domodedovo (Moscow Region) took the lives of four people, reports RBC. Another with injuries. The area of the fire element was 1.5 thousand m2.

In the local emergency department of a fire alarm in a one-story metal shed on the street. Collective farm, entered today at 8:09 am. By the time the fire already burning building throughout. Already at 9:20 am the fire was localized, and at 10:30 — extinguished. Were in the hangar of the five people managed to save only one worker was taken to the central hospital Domodedovo. The bodies of four of the dead were found in the analysis of the debris.

The causes of fire are currently being installed by the investigating authorities.

Statistics of victims of the fires in our country can not disturb, and Capital Region — is no exception. In May, a fire occurred in poluvyselennom house in the center of Moscow, in the Great Afanasyevsky Lane. Then seven people died, all — citizens of the CIS, working wipers. Another 20 occupants escaped.

Unfortunately, this happens in other countries. "Around the Light of" told of the terrible tragedy in Haapsalu (Haapsalu), Estonia, a shelter for children with disabilities. February 20 where a fire killed ten children. Victims could be much more when a fire swept the building, inside were 37 children, most of whom could walk only with the help of wheelchairs, and 9 adults. The wooden building burned almost completely, and the victims were evacuated through the windows.

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