Deforestation in the area for the construction of the Khibiny over 50 hectares

Square cut forests in the Khibiny Mountains, where the construction of the mine, more than 50 hectares, although not yet held public discussion of the project, according to Kola Conservation Center. Customer cuttings — JSC "NWPC" previously stated its readiness to build an environmentally responsible mine, refused to comment.

Planned to develop in the near future apatite-nepheline deposit Partomchorr frame to be mine, located in one of the most visited valleys — Kuniyok. Meanwhile, according to the concept of protected areas of Russia, in the area in 2015 will be the national park "Khibiny". Field itself is not included in the boundaries of the National Park, but the road that will lead to him, "North-Western Phosphorous Company" (NWPC) planned in the immediate vicinity of the protected area created.

"The total area is cutting about 108 hectares, of which cut more than 50 hectares. Disorders in themselves no logging, felling the law, but we are faced with a situation where legal logging are conducted under the mine is not quite legitimate: the resolution it is, expert opinion — also, but not held in any form of public hearings, which are required under the provision of the assessment of the environmental impact, "- told RIA Novosti chairman Kola center Orany Wildlife Viktor Petrov.

In turn, General Director Andrei NWPC Rovensky declined to comment on the progress of construction RIA Novosti mine.

Road of contention

Environmentalists are also concerned about plans to lay NWPC industrial road from the mine to the future GOK near the town of Apatity, which is expected to lay the lands of the future national park.

Representatives of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia believe that the construction of the road, even in close proximity to the reserved area can kill the ecosystem, then the creation of the national park on the land would be impossible. In this case, an environmental organization stipulates that does not oppose development of the field and welcomes applications NWPC's readiness to implement it in an environmentally responsible principles.

"If the road goes under option NWPC, it will be very valuable for the environmental area for the ecosystem of the Khibiny and cut into two parts. Will be destroyed habitats of species listed in the federal endangered. This is a unique northern flower which is found only in the Khibiny — Poppy Lapland, as well as mosses and lichens. Additionally, compact ecosystem Khibiny the division road starts to deteriorate, the species began to disappear, "- said Petrov.

As previously reported RIA Novosti news service NWPC, the final decision on how to go the road to the mine, is still pending, and is currently undergoing survey work to determine where they will run.

In turn, Ministry of Russia, which is subject to the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use, in April announced the inadmissibility of building roads through the national park of the future and the willingness to accelerate work on its creation.

Khibiny Mountains are the most easily accessible mountain area for the residents of the European part of Russia, so that, according to experts, in the mountains each year is 40-50 thousand tourists (excluding visitors ski resorts) from different regions of Russia and other countries. This figure is unattainable for the majority of long-existing national parks in Russia, located mainly in remote areas of the country.

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