Demikhovsky Machine Works finished earlier supply AEROEXPRESS extra carriages ED4MKM-AERO

Demikhovsky Engineering Works (Moscow region, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has completed the delivery of additional electric cars ED4MKM-AERO operating organization — OOO "Aeroexpress".


The cars delivered to the customer under the contract to supply 12 cars ED4MKM-AERO, signed on 9 November 2010. Originally scheduled for delivery in November this year, but was completed ahead of schedule. Made in the DMZ party consists of 6 engine and 6 non-motorized carriages.

Ltd. "Aeroexpress" intend to use the additional sections of cars ED4MKM-AERO for the expansion of the composite electric trains plying between the stations and the airports of Moscow, to increase the carrying capacity of trains.

Of "DMZ" is working closely with the company "Aeroexpress" since 2007. Specially for "Aeroexpress", taking into account all the requirements of the customer, to Demikhovsky machine works were produced electric series of "AERO" specially designed for intermodal transport. In the period 2008-2009. the plant was manufactured 56 cars in the 7 trains.

For passenger trains ED4MKM-AERO provides a comfortable environment, including communication services, audio and video broadcasting, information technology, eco-friendly toilets. There are places for people with disabilities. Registered baggage departing passengers take under protection in a specially equipped car.

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