Demography of the January-February 2013


For comparison, data for January

According to operational data can be judged that the birth rate in February was 143,000 people (4.8%), and mortality 148,600 people (-6.3%).

In total for January and February were born 301.9 thousand (2.6%), 329.3 thousand people died (1.6%). Natural population decline was -27.4 thousand (-8.4%), which is less than in the same period last year.

The lower birth rate in February compared to January of this year due to a smaller number of calendar days (28 vs. 31), in general, the birth rate has remained at the level of January: an average of 5126 births per day in January 5107, and births a day in February (-0.4 %). It should also be borne in mind that February 2012 was 29 days compared to 28 in February 2013: 5190 births per day in February 2012 and February 5107 in 2013 (-1.6%). Similarly mortality: an average of 5829 per day in January of 2013 and 5307 per day in February 2013 (-9%), an average of 5,469 per day in February of 2012 and 5307 per day in February 2013 (-3%).

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