Demonstration MZKT-79291

During a military parade in Minsk on July 3, 2013 was first demonstrated promising wheeled chassis MZKT-79291 with the wheel formula 12×12, has long been developed by JSC "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant" (MWTP). Past parade MZKT-79291 was fitted dimensional prototyping body, apparently imitating a launcher missile system.

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A prototype of a new wheel MZKT 79291-12×12 with the wheel formula developed by JSC "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant" at a military parade in Minsk. 03.07.2013 (c) /  According to the known data, the chassis is designed primarily for use as a base of self-propelled launcher of the new Russian road-mobile missile complex "Frontier" with small-sized "easy" intercontinental ballistic missile, produced by JSC "Corporation" Mosco? Vsky institutions Rm heat? Hniki "( MIT). Development Series chassis 7929 (first in the 10×10 version) for various missile systems designed in the Soviet Union at that time, was carried out in Minsk on MWTP from the 1980s. Later project MZKT-79291 repeatedly reworked.It has been reported, that in 2008, the MIT Minsk plant was supplied documentation set (technical design) chassis MZKT-79291 with a modern perspective for AAP PGRK, MIT and co-led the research with MWTP.

It is known that MZKT-79291 with a modern diesel engine has ustanalivatsya 854.10 650 hp special design of "Tutaevsky Motor Works."

In the evening, June 6, 2013 from Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region was produced by test-fired a missile complex "Frontier" with an intercontinental ballistic missile. According to the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitskogo, in the course of the test was to check out the new combat equipment. In this case, the general said that it was already the fourth launch of "Milestones" in the tests.

The missile with a new complex was considered a success. This year will make another start-up, which will be the last for "Limit" in the trial, told Zarudnitsky. Then the missile system will be adopted for the Strategic Missile Forces. The new strategic missile systems "Frontier" will be put on combat duty until the end of 2013, according to General, and the first missile regiment in the new complex will be deployed in 2014. Currently works on the establishment of the necessary infrastructure, is preparing personnel and teamwork training crews.

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