Demonstration of military equipment held at Nizhniy Tagil site Prospector

Demonstration of military equipment was held on September 8 at the Nizhny Tagil site "Miner" in the framework of the International Exhibition of Arms RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS-2011. Weapons capabilities, high-speed performance and manageability team showed different patterns of combat vehicles and aircraft equipment.


Show kicked off with a demonstration of the technical and firing capabilities of the tank and T90S BMPT. Then the audience their driving performance, maneuverability and fire fighting applications showed 2S19M1 self-propelled howitzer, as well as anti-aircraft missiles.


In addition, the "prospectors" were firing sniper rifles, fire extinguishing forest fire with machine LPA-521, which is a self-propelled all-terrain tracked vehicle equipped with a tank for fire extinguishing liquid, soil and fire equipment.

In general, the program included 24 different trials.

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