Demonstration of the new Russian UAV

June 28 at the site in suburban Alabino a demonstration of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russian unmanned aircraft systems of various types and classes offered by Russian industrial enterprises.

22 companies were brought to the site about 30 units of UAV systems. Management of the Ministry of Defense of Russia has been able to not only see the data systems on static display, but also to evaluate their real work in simulated combat.

Drone "Outpost» (Searcher MkII), which build under license by the Israeli company IAI UZGA enterprise in Ekaterinburg (c) Denis Fedutinov 

UAV "Bee" modernized complex "Story-DD» (c) Denis Fedutinov

Created within the Group of "Vega" UAV complex "Tipchak" had repeatedly been subjected to harsh criticism from the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry (c) Denis Fedutinov

Head of the General Staff of UAVs Novikov reported to the management information UAV Defense Outpost (Bird Eye 400), the assembly of which is under license IAI UZGA the enterprise in Ekaterinburg (c) Denis Fedutinov

The time of launch mini-UAV "Orlan" development of TCS from St. Petersburg (c) Denis Fedutinov

Helicopter "Eaglet" — a possible platform to create UAVs (c) Denis Fedutinov

Russia's Defense Ministry met with the Horizon Air S-100 (Camcopter S-100), the assembly of which is under license of the Austrian company Schiebel at the company "Horizon" in Rostov-on-Don (c) Denis Fedutinov

Multirotornye mini-UAV vertical take-off and landing of the Moscow company "NELK» (c) Denis Fedutinov

UAV family "Aileron" of the Kazan 'Enix' recently passed state tests under the Ministry of Defense (c) Denis Fedutinov

UAV control station (s) Vadim Savitsky


Reporting to (c) Vadim Savitsky

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