Diesel generators Caterpillar 3516B (HD) mounted on a platform in the Russian Arctic

Diesel Generator Set Caterpillar 3500 series installed on the platform in the Russian Arctic — stated in a press release. Stand-alone power plants must provide jobs for oil and gas.

Three Diesel Generator Set Caterpillar 3516B (HD) will serve as sources of the main and backup power mining equipment on a fixed platform. Each generator provides power output of 2000 kW and equipped in accordance with the requirements for operation in harsh environments.

Two diesel power plant Caterpillar 3516B (HD) will back up the work of drilling equipment in case of power core network, another to operationalize security systems. Completion of generator sets designed on a special project and to meet the requirements for seismic safety and guaranteed start at lower temperatures.

translation: Company "ENERGY"

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