Discovered the most ancient peoples on Earth

Discovered the most ancient peoples of the world — what kind of knowledge is this discovery?

Khoisan peoples, living in the south of Africa, separated from a common tree of mankind about 100,000 years ago. This makes them the oldest and perhaps one of the first tribes of modern humans on Earth. This statement was made in genetics paper in the journal Science.

Khoisan peoples are a relatively small group of African tribes, speaking on the so-called "clicks his tongue." These include different peoples Bushmen hunters and herders Hottentots residing in South Africa and other Southern African countries.

Khoisan languages are not so similar to the dialects of neighboring tribes, their origin has always been considered one of the most interesting mysteries of the history of mankind.

The group of geneticists led by Carina Schlebusch from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) has shed light on this mystery by deciphering the genomes koysantsev and compared them with the DNA of other African tribes and inhabitants of other continents.

As the researchers note, some of koysantsev preserved its ancient roots, while others long enough interbred with the newcomers and the Bantu peoples have lost their genetic identity.

Schlebusch and her colleagues plan to publish koysantsev genomes in the public domain to attract the attention of other scientists interested in the differences in the DNA unit Bushmen and modern humans.

According to the researchers, this will help to make a complete list of regions of the genome, most of all changed for 100,000 years of separate evolution, RIA Novosti reported.

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