Displacement of the Earths crust in the Maritime region continues

Primorsky Krai of Russia shifted. According to scientists, the entire south of the Far East of the country and the whole East Asia have changed their location. The reason for this shift — a powerful Japanese March earthquake in 2011. Yet the Russian territory has moved a distance incomparable shift the Japanese archipelago.

National scientists soothe: Primorye shifted, but about to break away from the mainland, not a speech. Earth's crust is like a big piece of rubber. The closer to the epicenter of the region is earthquake, the larger the shift. That is moved not only Primorye — moved the entire eastern Asia.

The earthquake in Japan is one of the five most powerful seismic events over the last hundred years. Honshu Island, located as close to the epicenter, dropped by a meter. Part of the island was under water. True, according to our scientists, for Japan it is usual and did not happen again. But in Primorye such extensive changes — a rarity.
Nikolay Shestakov, head of the Department of Geodesy, Cadastre and Land Management Palo, Ph.D.: "The uniqueness of what happened is that the first time by using GPS / GLONASS have been reported such extensive deformation and crustal motions, which were generated by a sufficient distance seismic event. It is possible that such a shift could be the earth's crust in the past, but there was no technical possibilities of their registration. "
GPS allows you to monitor the movements of the crust around the clock. The information obtained is processed by foreign and Russian scientists. Recent data obtained are analyzed. Likely to be released by 4 centimeters added one.
Primorye and now a little bit shifted, but it will not last long, according to scientists. While the Far East does not disturb the new seismic event of comparable magnitude.

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