Divers found the underwater river in Lake Teletskoye while brushing his bottom

Siberian divers while cleaning the bottom of the Teles lake in the Altai Mountains of debris found underwater river, told RIA Novosti director Altai biosphere reserve Igor Kalmykov.

Reserve spends annually on Lake Teletskoye action to clean this water body from the debris. The first such event was held in 2002, the beginning of it put the local unit of "Keepers Lake" along with instructors, divers military patriotic club. Divers from Novosibirsk also take part in these actions. This year they have already got the bottom of the lake near the protected village Yaylyu about 100 kilograms of household waste and scrap.

"Last week, divers pulled in Yaylyu another 100 kilograms of rubbish, mostly metal parts. During the work they found in the lake underwater river near the island of love. This island is located in the lake on the way from Yaylyu in Artibash. It is interesting, when 10 years ago there was no land road, newlyweds drove to the registrar on the boat. And on the way back they visited the island. tradition has survived to this day, "- told Kalmykov.

According to him, no one previously heard of any underwater river in the lake. Divers claim that found a very strong current of the river. Now scientists will study the natural object.

Teles lake (as Golden Lake, Altyn-Kol — is located in the south of Western Siberia, and Turochaksky Ulagan Altai Republic) is a natural World Heritage Site. Teletskoye Lake is the second deepest after Lake Baikal waters of Russia. Half Teles lake is included in the Altai State Nature Biosphere Reserve, which is also included in the list of natural heritage. Every year thousands of tourists visit the lake.

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