Dmitri Akimov: I have now found Zenith!

A well-known St. Petersburg audience striker Dmitri Akimov first half of the season played in "Siberia", but with the arrival of new head coach was forced to change the club and go to "growth." [Img =] [cut] [b] Oborin ruined everything! [/ B] — «Siberia" good start to the season, but after the change of coach rolled down. Why did this happen? — We just could not survive the change of coach. We are used to Vladimir Faizulin to its installations, to its requirements. We had quite a splash game. And when he came to the new coach, he began to radically change all at the club. This, of course, had a negative impact on all the players. Many were dissatisfied with the decision of management, including myself. — That's why you left the club? — Yes. Over time I realized that I do not fit into the game Oborina in any way, so he went to management and asked them to let me go. Problems with my departure has not arisen, and now I'm happy that I moved to the "growth". — So it turns out that blew Oborin? — It turns out that way. In any case, fans in Novosibirsk recently very negatively disposed towards him. After all, they have been waiting out in the Premier League, he was so close, but now we have a chance lost. This point gap is unlikely anyone will be able to overcome. — And in Novosibirsk were ready to enter into the Premier League? — Of course, since we have built a team bit by bit. Almost every year held high places, but always something missing at the end. In the same year, we have selected a different composition capable of performing in the Premier League, we had only three points gap from the leader. But, like a bolt from the blue, there was this resignation. I think that the leadership of "Siberia" has regretted the decision. But nothing: they, too, will experience, even negative. Smart people learn from others' mistakes, and fools on their own! I am very worried for the club, because he became my family. And good luck to him! [B] «Siberia" outperform "Zenith» [/ b] — Ahead of the "Zenith" cup match with "Siberia". What do you think Siberians put up the strongest team, or choose to do a small force? — I think that still play "basis." After all, for the arrival of Novosibirsk "Zenith" — a global event. I have heard that there are expected to boom. Yes, and lose-it has nothing, so you have to throw all the forces on the cup. — What challenges face "Zenith" in a match with "Siberia"? — The most important challenge will be to Petrograd, of course, the artificial field in Novosibirsk. All teams that have come to us after the game strongly complained about it. — In your opinion, the "Siberia" will have a chance to beat Zenit? — I understand that in Novosibirsk will leave the second part of the "Zenith", so the odds are definitely there. But it's like "Zenith", and it must be feared. I think the game will be very interesting and full of struggle. In last year's Cup of Russia "Siberia" was almost the Moscow "Spartak". Not only had the smallest, have given way to the added minutes. — Do decide to give a forecast for the match? — I think the "Siberia" to win by a margin of one ball! [B] Still want to play the "Zenith»! [/ B] — you most certainly want to play against the "Zenith"? — Yes, I really like this. But you can see how it happened. I hope that next year will play against hometown club is in the Premier League T-shirt "Rostov". — Dmitry, your dream is to play for the "Zenith" has not left you? — No, of course! I have yet to come. Now you need to prove in the remaining segment of the championship, and the following year to shine in the Premier League. Then, you never know, maybe go back to native land. — In winter, you could really get into the team Dick Advocaat, right? — You know, I would not want to remember the past, so let's leave this question without comment. — Do you think that could help now "Zenith"? After all, in the attack at the Champions Russia is not so smooth? — The point is not that the "Zenith" all is not well in the attack. It's just that they do not have a player who would be able to come off the bench and significantly enhance the game, and maybe even score the winning goal! — You could be such a player? — Yes! It's no secret that I'm good at completing the attack. Perhaps, I'd found "Zenith" in such a busy schedule. — Many fans of the club feel the same way and are still waiting for you at the stadium "Peter". Best of luck to you, Dmitry! — Thank you, I will try to justify the confidence of the fans. My goal — to play in the "Zenith" — will not disappear until I hang up his boots.

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