Dmitry Akimov: Dedicated to the goal of his PITERSKY DJs’

Before the fight with the "Kuban" this forward scored in the "Rostov" has four goals, all of which — on the road. The first "home" Dmitry goal was very important — because of him, "yellow-blue" beat its nearest neighbor in the standings. However, this success was given the forward is not easy, because the advocates of Krasnodar not stand on ceremony with him. When the match after Ivan left the locker room, his cheek was glued a large piece of plaster. [Cut] — In my opinion, the game was very interesting — the main hero of the game. — Both teams needed a victory, so that the issue was from the first to the last minute. I am glad that we managed to win today. I think we deserved to win. [B] — After a goal is scored you fell on his knees in front of the West Stand and began to make some movements with his hands. What did it mean? [/ B] — I'm in St. Petersburg has a lot of friends DJs, with whom I still communicate. Before the match, they called me and said that they believe — today I sure be able to score a goal. And asked if I could be noted by a goal, something for them to portray on camera, because there was broadcast to the whole country. So that these movements were meant to them, and I dedicate my goal to my friends DJs. [B] — The first half was a much more lively than the second. What do you think, why? [/ B] — Before the break, both teams fought for the lead. We had to endure and to show in this fight, that we are the masters. I think our team was able to do it. In the second half, after removal of the play, of course, it became easier. By the way, the red card football player "Kuban" was shown, I think, in the case, because it just struck me with his elbow through his cheek. [B] — What is the impression you made on the opponent? [/ B] — Today saw the "Kuban" rightfully holds the second place in the standings. I think next year we'll be playing together Krasnodar in the Premier League. [B] — Ever since you joined the "Rostov" during home games still never going to so many fans. Their support was felt? [/ B] — Of course, it helps out a lot. I think that his game we have to bring our fans at the stadium.

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