Dmitry Medvedev, photographing the underwater world of the Volga River, found a couple of buckets of gold

As is known in August last year, the president held a short vacation in the Astrakhan region. Dmitry Medvedev fished on spinning and sank to the bottom of the Volga with a camera to capture the underwater world. Wrote about it the presidential press service.

Did not report it on another episode: During an underwater photo shoot Medvedev found at the bottom of the Volga silt entered a strange object, which on closer inspection turned out a bucket filled to the brim full of gold coins. With great difficulty the president was able to dig up and deliver hard finding the shore. In the evening of the same day, when dispersed raised turbidity, the search was continued, and the vicinity of the discovery of the first bucket of the second were found.

This was decided not to tell, because in the light of very recent findings of the Prime Minister two amphorae in the bottom of the Black Sea news seemed too deliberate and unreliable. Set the master of the treasure and failed, and the gold coins were transferred to the Central Bank vault, adding to the foreign exchange reserves of the country. Got to Dmitry Medvedev due to him under the law 25% — is not specified.


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