DMZ built ED9E train to transport guests of the Kazan Universiade

Demikhovsky Engineering Works (DMZ is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") sent to the JSC "Russian Railways" in this year's first six cars electric AC ED9E, which are intended for use during the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan and continued operation at the Gorky Railway.

Under the current contract until the end of July will be given an additional 14 six-car trains ED9E. ED9E advantage over other modifications determined by the use of energy efficient equipment, reducing operating costs and maintenance costs. One train per year saving up to 450,000 kW / h of electricity. 

In ED9E created all necessary conditions for comfortable and convenient travel of passengers. Working on an electric train, the designers created a new interior salons, introduced the system of air-conditioning in the salons, applied new inter-vehicle conversions. The design of the train applied external reclining sliding doors used backlash-free couplings.

The train provides a comfortable environment and to travel with limited mobility passengers using wheelchairs to move special. — Head cars are equipped with a ramp for getting on and off a high platform, toilet. In the salons provide special places for securing wheelchairs.

In an electric train is being monitored in the salons of cars and lobbies, as well as on the outer perimeter of the front carriages. The system allows you to record the events and save the video in non-volatile memory.

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