Do any resignation, an army sokovyzhimatelyu SALAMATIN?

Unfolding in the near future about the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine action clearly confirms the trends that emerged with the advent of the post of Minister Dmitry Salamatina, and which immediately followed by the destination indicated "Hvilya."

Specifically, we wrote about the fact that immediately after the mission as minister without going into any aspects of the operation of the Armed Forces, Salamatin "from the start" on the latest post ignited a desire to spend in the Armed Forces inventory so that all that is possible, implement. First order as a new management structures prescribed heads of Defense in order to find the critical land, facilities, equipment and property, which will be offered for sale.

On the basis of the first decisions we made Salamatina conclusion of this sovereign task — not strengthening, reform, development of the Armed Forces, and the exhaustion of the army of all that we can, and "transformation" of the building alive means. In fact, as far Yanukovych adviser Mike Ezhel as minister beheld his higher purpose in the stock sell army, so this vision completely and undeniably preserved and successor. For both army — Is a big trough from which to rapidly and perfectly squeeze all worthy of currency valuation. (In fairness, we note that it is — just a detail only the general philosophy of the current government, looking to the Ukraine just as the enormous bird feeder).

The difference between Yezhel and SALAMATIN is that the first — a lover, an amateur. He acted very well, squeezing the last drop out of the army, but still disorganized: I saw where you can snitch, and immediately kidnapped. But the harsh organized approach there, we admit, and smell. Plus, as all the same once a military man, if from time to time in the short breaks between the main occupation of thinking and combat training. Well, because real resources were needed for the other, he forced the army to engage any nonsense like "mining" the parade ground in the army and "forcing" the aqua-bottlenecking in the form of roadside ditches at the checkpoint — it was called "conduct military exercises on prikazarmennom fund . " Well, at least so — as the saying goes, bezrybe belt and bra.

We Salamatina same in-1's, as a person, recklessly far from the army, no complexes about combat training does not appear, but means nothing to distract him from interesting activities under the title "deriban". And in-2, his actions felt a hand pros — now the Ministry of Defense cooperated all true, all very well know how to act, that is, how and where to "unfasten". Who tupil and drove into a tight schedule salamatinsky or not osilival accepted standards, has long been headed by a citizen.

But the most important difference from Yezhel Salamatina is that the first — a protege of Yuri Ivanyushchenko aka "Jura Enakievskiy", while Salamatin, as you know, a member of the "family" of Yanukovych. In the "family" long understood than the military sphere is different from the sphere of defense, and decided that it would be more convenient to centralize both the "trough", focusing controls in the same hands. So Makarov, Ukraine has received the Minister of Defence, which after the mission continues to steer and "defense", and which army as such, apparently, is not very exciting enough.

The fact that even a few months Salamatin is very vague for themselves the processes occurring in the near future in the Armed Forces, and their antecedents and consequences, it is clearly evidenced by his performance in Parliament in the framework of the action entitled "Status and prospects of the Military Organization and security sector of Ukraine "at the end of May this year. Then Salamatin, not including the brain, following the example of elders led the main cause of all ills army "paperednikov," and with all this contrived not to call any number that characterizes the state of the APU, and not to call any of the 1st strategic solutions to remedy the situation. Instead of Salamatin like a real clown ostentatiously rolled up his sleeves and said that is a "work", and wants to report no earlier than one year.

On the "work" Salamatina we just know now, when the media began to get the proper paperwork. Breeding of cattle and feeding of all agricultural structures in a row (sorry, according to the documents, not including rice), including the (quote) "berries, nuts and other fruits", selling everything that is possible — from the estate to the lands and facilities — is inheritance of Ukrainian military strategist, led by the majestic Salamatina.

In his work we litsezreem only one "side" plus — redirecting the cash flows in the direction Defense "defense", the current minister at the very least provides repair and return to the system of arms and military equipment. It would seem, what a difference that drives companion, the main thing — a positive result for the army! And here there are two "but" we were not allowed to climb with open arms and congratulations to the Minister.

In 1-x, nobody reads us how much parallel the same equipment and weapons "disappears" from the army, being transferred to the company "defense" in exchange for repair services. A sense of what a fighter repaired if a bill is 10 "lost"? And in-2, what is the meaning maintenance of arms, if the army disappear "as a class" spices that can handle them? If the term "military training" in the armed forces is forgotten as obsolete terminology?

And all this — against the backdrop of bravura assurance about any unexplained victories and achievements. As for training, it is ready to compete with anyone on anything: come fall, will begin teaching in the classic summary of the Armed Forces, and the troops will hold a fragmentary miserable and "neutered" purely ostentatious exercise maximum battalion level, and then with the press the Defense Ministry that clean water showing off "turn" in the media in a massive maneuvers Ukrainian army. We have already come in if, while his successor Salamatin has not given us a reason to think that his mind is enough for your creativity.

Press Service of the Ministry of Defense for example your own boss just throw dust in the eyes, with a surprise worthy stubbornness calling a dark snow-white. Here are placed in media documents signed by D.Salamatina said that "in order to bring economic activities that are allowed to produce military units, institutions, agencies and organizations of the armed forces," the Defense Ministry drafted the Resolution of the Cabinet "On introduction of configurations in the list of economic activities , whose implementation is permitted to military units of the Armed Forces ", according to which the army is allowed to breed cattle, sheep, stallions, raising berries and fruits, watching Fish", etc.

A press-service of the Ministry of Defense now sends a "refutation" in which toldonit: yes it's not about Salamatin Armed Forces wrote! (The text of the "denial" states, "notwithstanding that the species dіyalnostі (rozvedennyam leanness, pigs, ptitsі) zaymayutsya INSHI vіyskovі formuvannya, yakі not members to spherical upravlіnnya Mіnіsterstva defensive Ukraine" — well, so clear the stump, in order Salamatin and asks him and more precisely its fighters also were allowed to breed cattle). Well, at whom this bredyatina calculated? The text Salamatina sounds twice the phrase "armed forces", and the Ministry of Defense said that it is not the army of speech.

resy, schism and heresy again.

…And yet, despite all the mishaps Salamatina, we do not think that this figure is waiting for the coming retirement. It's too fine woven scheme for emptying the army "trough." And it is very much present minister Defense harmonically looks like the team painstakingly selected "sokovyzhimateley" Yanukovych in different areas of the power, and the head of which stands by the head of the "family".

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