[I] "Soviet Sport" [/ i] «â» won and thanks to the defeat of the "Ural" strengthened its leading position. Footballers Rostov arrived in Bryansk on game day. At 11 am, they had landed at a military airfield in the village of Sescha, a hundred kilometers north of Bryansk, and the bus went to the city. A year ago, Bryansk airport, which had international status, hosted "Moscow" and "Zenith". And now it is closed, and many teams have problems with delivery to the city of Partisan Glory. [Cut] closes the standings Dynamo finally came to the match in the optimal composition. But Rostov brought in Bryansk all combat units. As a result, the first minutes of outdoor soccer starts at high speeds. From the first minutes of an outsider in no way inferior to Rostovites. Goalkeeper of the first to come into play Roman Gerus. He is already the third minute strike parried bottom Dmitri Sannikov. A distant shot of Murad Ramazanov two minutes later Rostov goalkeeper gets in Tigerstrike. But Valery Chizhov not wait. First, he insures his defenders, almost released one by one Dmitri Akimov, and after reflecting forehand Michael Aspen. Five minutes before the break, the stadium explodes ovation. Sannikov kick from 30 meters Rostov goalkeeper pulls out from under the crossbar. But as the two minutes, and Akimov scores, beating the defender on the corner of the goalie. And in the last seconds of the first half dip in the Bryansk defense allows you to get to the gate, and all Gatskanu same Akimov. But the latter manages to get into an offside position. Since the beginning of the second half, the visitors began to take shape. And the chant from the stands, "Rostov" Selmash "" — heard more often and louder than "Come on," Dinamo "!" In the end game speed noticeably falling but the fight goes on every square meter of the field. At the end of the last minute reminds himself joined the attack Sadirov, but hit the target. For the fans' sector "Rostov" (but only in the Bryansk came about a hundred fans) it was a signal to celebrate a well-deserved victory. Fire was a little bit, but they were burning brightly. [I] Dynamo (Bryansk) — Rostov (Rostov) — 0:1 (0:1). Goal: Akimov, 43. Dynamo: Chizhov, Tolstoy, I. Klietz (Sadirov, 46), Jincharadze, Terekhov (Kiselev, 78), Chernigov, Kulumbegov Ramazanov, Fomichev (a) (Ishchenko, 87), Sannikov (Khlebnikov, 78), Shelyuto. Rostov Gerus, Astafev Zivanovic, Shtaniuk, Circassian, aspen (k), Gatskan (Denisov, 80), Zuev (Zivko, 67), Ivan (Dyadyun 82), leather, Slivich. Penalties: Chernigov, 32, Slivich, 50, Gatskan, 53, LEATHER, 66, Zivko, 72 — warnings. Judge V. Bezborodov (St. Petersburg). September 8. Bryansk. "Dynamo" stadium. 2000 spectators. +28 Degrees. Shots on Goal: 8-10, including 6-6 in shots on target, corners 5-1. Man of the match: Roman Gerus ("Rostov"). [/ I]

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