Dolmatovo — 60

[Img =] On Saturday, Oleg Dolmatovo 60 years old. "Times" recalls vivid life coaching football and now the head coach of the "Rostov". November 29 Oleg Dolmatovo 60 years old. His life would be no exaggeration to call the football story of a Real Man, which will be the leitmotif of selfless dedication, hard work, professionalism and selflessness. [Cut] Dolmatov football career began in Krasnoyarsk, where after the end of Youth "Youth" played for the local "Motorist". Since 1967, he played top teams (Major League) for the Alma-Ata "Kairat". "I noticed quite by accident — recalled Dolmatov. — I was asked to play football for the factory team. In Alma-Ata, then there was an "Toulouse", which was accompanied by the leaders of "Kairat", and a guided tour of the French lay just across the stadium where we played. And so it happened that in the 15 minutes they were on the podium, I scored three goals. The next day I received an invitation to come in, "Kairat" to watch. " Two years later, in 1969, football was in "junior", and the following year the first team in the country. In 1972 Dolmatov moved to Moscow "Dynamo", where he played until 1979. In the blue and white in 1976, became the champion of the USSR in 1973 and 1975 — the bronze medal, and in 1977 won the USSR Cup. For five years he was the team captain. First, however, in the "Dynamo" Dolmatov not want to move. Refused even after the personal invitation of Constantine Beskova. "I had an invitation to" Spartacus, "" Torpedo "," Zenith ", Kiev" Dynamo ", Donetsk, Minsk … In the 71-m going to go into the "Torpedo", which first made an offer. But I was drafted into the army and "Dynamo" is translated as a soldier, "- said Dolmatov" SE ". Significant results achieved Oleg and at the international level from 1971 to 1977 and spent his 14 matches for the national team and in 1972 became the silver medalist of European Championship. He has participated in 15 European Cup matches, one of which (1972) was the final of the Cup Winners' Cup. In 1979, at age 31 Dolmatov was forced to retire. "In the 75th injured — recalled the coach. — After loading each time from the kidney was bleeding, apparently, the vessels are not maintained. Tolerated. Once a year, lie down in the hospital for two weeks, to restore, to continue to operate. Urologist Lopatkin of the first hospital said — do not worry, women lose blood, and live longer. I stopped obraschap attention to the disease. And once, in the 79th. there was a complication. I had to finish with the football. " From 1982 to 1986 he headed the Stavropol Dolmatov "Dynamo", which in 1984 led to the first league. From 1986 to 1988 — head coach of "Dynamo-2" (Moscow), and in 1991 he 1990. — "Dynamo" (Sukhumi). Being the head coach of Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" (1992-1998) in 1993, led him to the first league, and in 1994 — in the highest. In 1998, in the middle of the season Dolmatov led CSKA Moscow, who by this time was in the basement of the standings. Under his leadership, the army team was given a brilliant winning streak and finished with silver medals of the Russian championship. Thanks Dolmatovo CSKA for the first time in the history of Russian championships defeated his principal rival — the Moscow "Spartak", with a crushing score (4-1). In 1999, under the leadership of Dolmatova CSKA won bronze medals of the Russian Championship. From 2001 to the middle of the 2002 season Oleg headed the coaching staff, "Kuban", which in 2001 finished third in the first division. In 2003, he headed the St. Pete "Dinamo", but success was not earned. Then, for two years, coached Yaroslavl "Saturn." In October 2006 he was appointed head coach of the club "Lokomotiv" (Moscow), but on 26 December the same year the shareholders' meeting of the club was dismissed along with club president Valeri Filatov. July 23, 2007 Dolmatov was appointed head coach of FC "Rostov", where he worked until now. This year Dolmatovsky "Rostov" is back in the Premier League, and Dolmatov was voted coach of the year in the first division.

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