Dozens himothodami canisters found in the woods near Kostroma

Police looking for attackers who left in the forest near Kostroma 40 cans with 800 liters of hazardous waste, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti Deputy Attorney Volga Kostroma environmental conservation prosecutor Sergei Moiseyev.

Unauthorized dumping of 40 dvadtsatilitrovyh cans with liquid blue was found in the woods two miles from the village APRAKSIN Kostroma district on Wednesday. In place of the left all the special online services of the region. A dumping ground with chemicals taken under protection by police.

"Some of the cans were opened, but the visible traces of chemical contamination in the soil has not been discovered. Chemical analysis showed that this waste zolotopererabatyvayuschey industry, which includes nitric acid," — said the official.

Police cordoned off the place and started tracing attackers who could leave dangerous chemicals in the wood.

"There are signs of mismanagement of hazardous chemicals. The audit can be prosecuted for the illegal traffic or poisonous substances, or for damage to the land, the punishment for these items can be from two to three years in prison," — said of Moses.

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