Drifting station North Pole-39 started its work

October 1 officially began its work a new drifting station "North Pole-39" (SP-39).

 Photo source:itar-tass.com

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According to RIA Novosti reported with reference to the head of the High Arctic expedition "Arktika-2011" Vladimir Sokolov, the first data of meteorological observations with the SP-39 have already been sent, the flag is raised, and marked the beginning of a new annual series of works of Russian research on the drifting ice.

Head noted that the work station is essential to determine the state of the ice cover in the Arctic and all climate processes in this vast and little-studied region.

 Photo source:radikal.ua

SP-38 polar explorers headed by Alexei station Visnevsky traditionally greeted colleagues ceremonial lowering of the flag of SP-38. In this "field" work station "North Pole-38" is over. "North Pole-39" started its work on 84 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude.

As part of a new drifting station 16 different professions: meteorologists, oceanographers, hydrologists and hydrograph, hydrochemists, specialists ledoissledovateli.

They will address not only the collection, but also the primary generalization of the results of observation and research.

Drifting research station "North Pole" perform oceanographic, ice, meteorological, hydrographic and other integrated surveillance in the high Arctic.

The world's first drifting station "North Pole -1" was landed on the ice of the Arctic Basin in May 1937.

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