DROiU plane A-50 «MAINSTAY» and its modifications

The main purpose — the detection and tracking of ground, surface and air targets the enemy. Management of shock and fighter aircraft for the purposes of destruction found. Can be used as an air command post.

DROiU plane A-50 «MAINSTAY» and its modifications

Creation and establishment of AWACS aircraft A-50
AWACS aircraft designed on the basis of the IL-76TD Taganrog Aviation STC G.Berieva name, the association "Vega-M" and the Institute of Instrumentation. In general the creation of AWACS aircraft went under the name of Taganrog complex ANT G.Berieva. The contribution of the association "Vega-M" — a special set of RTO "Bumblebee". For the first time plane remote control RLS and took to the sky at the end of 1978. In the Air Force Susa Russian plane arrives in 1985. Total creation produced APO Chkalov Tashkent. Total Tashkent union has built a 40 AWACS aircraft units. Russian successor to the Union in the production of these aircraft remained Russian Federation, and the creation of the A-50 aircraft and its modifications engaged in Taganrog Aviation aircraft factory running STC G.Berieva name.

The main properties of AWACS — A-50:
— vysokoplan conventional circuit design;
— 4 turbojet propulsion engine PS-90A;
— length of 48.3 meters;
— height 14.8 meters;
— diameter of 4.8 meters;
— crew — 5 crew members and 10 people the task force;
— Wing area — 300 square meters;
— take-off weight of 190,000 pounds;
— in store 110 thousand liters of fuel.;
— average speed of 800 km / h;
— range of actions to 7.5 thousand kilometers;
— ceiling of up to 12,000 meters;
— Duration: very likely — about 9:00, performing tasks at the turn of one thousand kilometers — 4 hours, tasks at the turn of more than one thousand kilometers with refueling — 7:00
— Radar radial review "Bumblebee";
Detection range:
— bombers to 650 km;
— fighter jets up to 300 km;
— tactical ballistic missiles to 800 km;
— cruise missiles with RCS 1 to 2 m 15 km;
— ground targets of 250-300 km;
— large surface targets on the radio horizon;
— support up to 300 targets;
— at the same time pointing to the 12 fighters;
— a group of up to 30 fighters;

A-50 and its variants:
— A-50 aircraft. Is the basic unit of this series. The plane is made on the basis of transporter Il-76MD. Secured complex RTO "Bumblebee";
— A-50M aircraft. First upgraded version of the reference plane. Equipped with an upgraded set of RTO "Bumblebee-M". 26 units of the A-50 have been given upgrades and is in service with the Air Forces of the Russian Federation;
— plane A-50I. Export version. Purpose — Air Force of China. Developer Russia-Israel. The project was left unfinished. Not modified aircraft was given to China. Improved Chinese designers without the help of others. The aircraft entered service with the Air Force. Got its own title — KJ-2000;
— A-50E aircraft. Export version. Different from the composition of the A-50 PTO. One known modification of the aircraft produced in 1998;
— plane A-50EI. Export version. The main differences from the A-50 — providing aircraft radar «Phalcoon», complex «MSA» manufacture of Israel. In 2007, a converted A-50 A-50EI. In 2008, the plane made a flight to Israel for testing and installation of equipment;
— plane A-50U. Improved upgrade. Improvement goal — the extension of the service life of aircraft series A-50. Work to improve the aircraft carried the union "Vega" and the Taganrog Aviation STC G.Berieva name. Prior to 2008, conducted design and engineering work on the basis of funding applets. Since 2008, the real work begins to improve.
Major improvements:
— modern means of computer equipment;
— modernized satellite communication station;
— increased reliability of the avionics;
— increased ability of the distant detection of small air targets;
— increase the volume of supplies of fuel;
— upgraded radar system;
— providing aircraft satellite navigation system;
— providing new means of disk imaging display — LCD-monitors;
— improved assembly systems;
— increased comfort of the crew members;
— providing aircraft modified engines PS-90A-76.
Officially tests AWACS aircraft A-50U was completed in late November 2009. Layout served as AWACS aircraft A-50 bearing the number 37. Tests took Air Force Commander Colonel General A. Zelin. It starts with the serial modernization of these aircraft. First modernized A-50U bots with number 47 back into service at the end of October 2011. Subsequent aircraft is in the process of modernization. Expected time of the return to order — 2012 year.

DROiU plane A-50 «MAINSTAY» and its modifications

Planes Series A-50 — exports:
In India, there is:
— First plane A-50EI. Did the flight to India in 2008 from Israel.
— Second plane A-50EI. Did the flight to India from Israel in March 2010.
— Third plane A-50EI. Did the flight to Israel for acquisition and testing in October 2010.
Other than that something similar to this plane did Iraqi designers of the IL-76DM. Adnan-own title 2.

Additional information
Estimated price of 1st A-50 — 330 million dollars. On this day 26 modernized A-50M and one improved A-50U is in service with the Air Forces of the Russian Federation.

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