Drunken poachers surrendered in Altai reserve at a riot

Mixed detachment of soldiers and riot police SWAT helped state inspectors Altai State Reserve arrested two poachers who had barricaded themselves in the taiga hut and shoot from the nature reserve staff, refusing to surrender, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a senior state inspector reserve combat units Sergei Abramov.

On Wednesday, the operations group Altai reserve of four state inspectors patrolled the area Belinsky site. In one of the taiga huts they found two poachers, the eldest of whom, a man born in 1968, was drunk. With him was a young man of 17 years.

"The eldest of poachers resisted, he locked himself in the cabin and refused to give up. On patrol we received a message that the shot of the hut. Poachers themselves deny that shot. Nevertheless, there was a real danger to the lives of our state inspectors, but because we asked for help MIA, with whom we have signed a cooperation agreement, "- said Abramov.

According to him, the signal received on November 14, and already the 15 th composite detachment of eight soldiers and riot police SWAT accompanied gosinspetora reserves were in place.

"The poachers surrendered after sobered up. If they had found two unregistered hunting rifles. They planned to hunt sable and musk, but not in time. Now they were taken to the Interior Ministry, conducted the inquiry," — said Abramov.

As explained Agency Director of Altai biosphere reserve Igor Kalmykov, from the beginning of this year, state inspectors have made more than 100 protocols for various violations of the protection regime.

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