Dynamics of production and refining in Russia in January-October 2012


Production (million tonnes) 429.6 100.9% growth in January-October 2011

Received for processing (million tonnes) 222.6 104.1% growth

Exports (million tons) 198.2 98.1% decline

Share of oil in total Russian exports to
January-October 2012. was 34.7% in exports of energy products — 49.2% (in January-October 2011. respectively 35.7% and 50.8%).




In October, 2012. actual average export price for crude oil was U.S. $ 761.5 per 1 ton (100.3% compared to September 2012.). World market price for oil "Urals" was 805.8 U.S. dollars per 1 ton (98.9% compared to September 2012.). 




 Ministry of Economic Development earlier raised its forecast for oil production in Russia in 2012 to 516 million tons. However, the Ministry of Economic Development has lowered the forecast of oil exports from Russia in 2012 to 239.6 million tons, the forecast for 2013 is 240 million tons.

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