DYUSASH Tambov area marks a year since inception

In March 2012, in the Tambov region was created for children and youth sports and adaptive school (DYUSASH). Such schools have only a few regions of the country.

Now DYUSASH opened six offices — cycling, skiing, chess, weightlifting, Greco-Roman wrestling, Goalball. At the head of the sports school got a young, enterprising leader Mikhail Budarin. And doing it about 150 children.

The past year has shown that the establishment of such an institution was the right step to become a new vector in the development of adaptive sports.

In July 2012 opened training camp DYUSASH. The compact building a training base equipped with two gyms, five teaching rooms, a medical center, rental of equipment, administrative buildings, a snack bar.

Training base have access not only to athletes with disabilities, but also other tambovchane who want to learn the basics of skiing. The base is located in close proximity to the ski-run, which is adapted for employment of disabled athletes, and ordinary sports fans.

In 2011, the region adopted a subprogram "Development of adaptive physical education and sports in the Tambov region," the regional target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Tambov region in 2009-2015", organized by the training process for different types of adaptive sports. As part of the long-term program "Accessible Environment for 2011-2015" sports facilities will be equipped with ramps, lifts, handrails and toilets for people with disabilities.

As for the results, the teachers and their students during this time were able to assert themselves at the highest level. So, coach and teacher offices cycling, where athletes are engaged in blind, Vyacheslav Sheludyakov named head coach of Russian national team in cycling the tandem highway. His pupils Olga Yurchenko Kombarova and Alina became champions Russia in 2012. And Emma Polushkina first Russian athlete was among the winners of the European Cup in cycling, winning a silver medal.

Elena Sazhnova and Hope Furletova Russia won the championship in powerlifting athletes with visual impairment. Vick Laushkina in 2012 for the first time became the silver medalist Russia in Sambo and Judo deaf athletes.

Consistently high results indicate Greco-Roman style — with hearing disabilities. In particular, in 2012, Vladislav Tarasov rose to the highest step of the podium at the national championships, and Eugene Zheltukhin took third place. This year, Vladislav Tarasov once again won the Russian championship and qualified for the Deaflympics. Team coaches among the candidates to the first team of the country known as Eugene and Zheltukhina, which this year took second place in the Russian tournament.

The team of the Tambov region in Greco-Roman wrestling (boys years of birth 1996-98) in the championship of Russia in 2012 in the team event showed the third result. He speaks of continuity and strong tradition in the sport, as well as the correct methods of training athletes.

On the basis of performances in various national competitions in 2012, ten disabled athletes Tambov region included in the national team of the country on adaptive sports.

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