Earthquake and Hurricane Irene began the destruction of the monument in Washington, DC

Earthquake and Hurricane Irene began the destruction of the monument in Washington, DCHuge monument to George Washington in the center of Washington today was inspected by engineers to assess the damage that caused the granite obelisk recent earthquake and hurricane "Irene". Because of the threat of collapse is temporarily closed to visitors.

Experts U.S. National Park Service using climbing equipment up to 170-meter obelisk for visual inspection of cracks, which left it rare in these parts earthquake 5.8 points. Recall: the earthquake occurred on 23 August 2011. The day caretakers of the monument had to be evacuated visitors. Just a few days over Washington poured rain, Hurricane "Irene." This further worsened the condition of the obelisk.

Memorial closed from August 23 and will resume operation, the press service of the museum, not before the middle of October. It is planned that by the time will be exactly estimated damage obelisk element, said, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". In general, the monument was not threatened.

"The construction of the Save, the monument will not go away — reports MTRC" World "word superintendent of the National Park" National Mall "Bob Vogel. — The biggest damage was the top of the monument, there have large cracks."

Monument to the first U.S. president George Washington was built in 1848-1884 under the project of Robert Mills. It is located in Washington, DC between the White House and the Capitol. At the top of the monument there is an observation deck where you can climb the stairs of 896 steps.

By the way, as the Regions, an earthquake caused damage to another city attractions — the National Cathedral. On one of the towers broke off three of the spire.

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