Earthquake on May 7 in Azerbaijan damaged more than 7 thousand buildings

Number of collapsed and came to the emergency state buildings in Zagatala region of Azerbaijan as a result of the series took place on May 7 earthquake exceeded seven thousand, local news agency APA reported Wednesday citing deputy executive district Elman Ramazanov.

Previously reported three thousand damaged and collapsed buildings.

The first earthquake occurred on May 7 9.41 (8.41 MSK) at a distance of 17 kilometers south-west of Zagatala. In Zagatala and Gakh magnitude was 7 points, Sheki, Oguz, Gazakh, Tovuz and several other areas — from 2 to 5. The epicenter was located at a depth of 11 kilometers.

Human element did not cause casualties, but was severely damaged residential buildings.

In addition, on the same day were recorded several earthquakes, the strongest of which was magnitude 5.4 at 19.16 (18.16 MSK) is 14 kilometers southwest of Zagatala. Power aftershocks felt in Zagatala, Gakh, Balaken regions.

Earthquakes in the area continues — May 15, revealed three earthquakes, the strongest of which is at the epicenter of a magnitude 4.1 occurred at 09:55 local time (08:55 MSK). In the nearby villages Propulsion was 4.3 points.

According Ramazanova in Zakatala region 485 completely collapsed buildings, 6.464 buildings were in disrepair, the 204 social sites cracks.

The official noted that the calculations are still ongoing, it is possible that the number of affected buildings is even higher. According to him, in the earthquake-affected villages of the district established a tent, they are placed 3.91 thousand families.

Ramazanov also said that the area had already arrived construction companies, who will carry out restoration work, brought the necessary building materials.

Request of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev MES from the reserve fund of the state budget previously allocated 20 million (about 25.45 million U.S. dollars) in order to eliminate the effects of the disaster.

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