Earths ecosystems can collapse within a century

The ecological balance of the Earth under threat: global warming, population growth and environmental degradation can lead to irreversible collapse of the global ecosystem in this century, writes Focus.

The authors comment on the study published by a group of 22 leading biologists, ecologists, geologists and paleontologists, representing three continents. The results of work published in a specialized journal Nature.

"Scientists are concerned, in particular, the fact that the global ecosystem can collapse suddenly, and not break down gradually over the centuries, as previously thought. Without prompt and effective measures" critical mark "can be achieved in the near future" — experts warn ahead of the UN conference to be held June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro. And we are talking about the present century.

In their calculations, the scientists came from the fact that in 2050 in the world will be 9.3 billion people, and the climate is warmer on average by more than 2 degrees Celsius. According to the biologist from the University of California and one of the study's lead author Anthony Bernoski, the changes are irreversible and devastating consequences, since the entire population will be impossible to keep. "We will be dealing with a completely different world", — the expert concludes.

In this case, the scientists point out that there is still time to change something, for example, stop the waste of raw materials and strive for economic growth at any cost, the article says.

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