EDDS as the basis of the modern system of civil defense

In all Russian regions were unprecedented in scale exercises Emergency confined to the important event — the 80th anniversary of the formation of the civil defense system Russia. According to their results, it was decided to develop a special program for the development of the departmental system of defense and applying the latest information technologies for effective disaster prevention.

The training, which took place simultaneously in all the subjects of the Federation, was held in Russia for the first time since the Soviet era. Its purpose was to test the effectiveness of public notification and testing of interaction between authorities, agencies and emergency services in an emergency situation. Exercise was held on the standard scenario: the conditional alarm incident acted on the remote Unified duty and dispatch service, the information is duplicated appropriate services and the executive staff of the municipality, after which the experts have begun to disaster management.

Over the course of the exercise of the National Center for Crisis Management watched Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The prime minister said that the key to the timely prevention of disasters is the speed of decision-making. To improve the efficiency of administrative processes and ensure the coherence of the various departments and services necessary to use modern means of communication and computerized information exchange system, introduce modern space and network technology, upgrade existing systems alerting the public.

"In the course of the exercise was clearly demonstrated the importance of a single on-duty dispatcher service integration as a connecting node, accumulating and transmitting relevant information to those responsible for making management decisions, — says the general director of the RIC-Systems Alexei Kozhemyako. — EDDS, with innovative communications technology and automation — is the foundation of modern civil defense system, which effectively solves the problem to prevent disasters and strengthen the national security of Russia. " 

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