Edgar Cayce-prophecy. American psychic Chet B. Snow causes numerous circumstances impending disaster

Prominent American predictor Edgar Cayce, who foretold future events in a trance and his prophecies with incredible accuracy almost always come true, warned: "The beginning of the century will be marked by powerful changes the earth's surface, has been caused by the terrible earthquake and other natural disasters. Dangerous earthquake zone, which runs along the Pacific coast of North and South America to the east coast of Japan and passing through the East India, West India and some other islands … There will be a movement of the poles. In the Arctic and Antarctica occur shift, which will be an eruption in the tropics … the upper part of Europe will change in the blink of an eye. "

Known American psychic Chet B. Snow, with whom Dr. Helen Wambach conducted hypnotic sessions progression (prediction of the future in a trance), in his book "The Future. Your life after 2000, "cites numerous circumstances upcoming disaster-related increase in seismic activity bowels of the planet. To cite just a few excerpts from the records of the psychic, "Your eyes are closed and you are happy that they are closed — says Helen. — Deep relaxation, it covers your facial muscles, tongue in his mouth weakly shed … Hovering and moving forward in time, this time you're all that you see, hear or feel, is perceived to be happening to you in a dream … "Further, while under hypnosis, psychic said:" Recently, there have been volcanic eruptions, storms and terrible Lowering the soil, leading to a strong Flood along the west coast. The consequence of this atmospheric disturbance and were pretty heavy damage throughout the Pacific region.

— What is a volcano? Where did it all start?

— Fuji.

— Where? Tell me the name of the volcano again. Your voice sounds clearly and accurately when you're missing the whole scene entirely through my mind, just like in a dream …

— It was a Fuji, I think. In any case, the volcano in Japan. Its eruption caused a chain reaction of powerful earthquake and volcanic eruptions in the Pacific region, up to Alaska. The newspapers called this the "ring of fire outbreak."

— When did it start?

— Around the beginning of March, as it seems. A more precise date I do not know, because in our area were only small tremors before Fuji exploded.

— What about California? There's something to happen?

— Yes, there is a violent storm, the big flood … may have been even what is called a small tsunami. I think there were aftershocks, possibly even one strong earthquake. This led to the worst flooding. Part of the coast just went under the water, and as a result sea water penetrated into the central valley of the country and flooded lowlands. Worst of all in Southern California, there is a huge part of the surface subjected to shock simply failed. — After a few moments, I heard his voice, which continued: — But I believe that the population has been warned, or (distress) did not happen immediately, for I know that it was the large scale evacuation of people in the highlands. Now, at the end of March, television and radio have assured the people that all the worst behind. Water slowly receding, and we simply have to adapt to the new situation …

Helen's voice moved me forward. First, everyone around me was black. Then I realized that it was completely dark nebo.V air flew so much soot and dust that I have for some time breathless …

— The second act of the tragedy has come to pass, — I answered. Then I said that was a month ago, in May. Exact dates seemed insignificant. I saw myself on the nature (Arizona), which guarded the horses, and worked in the garden, we have got to provide themselves with fresh vegetables. I enjoyed fiddling with animals and plants, as if in compensation for lectures and research that. Suddenly thundered deep underground and swept the ground motion as a skating rink upset me. Part of our ranch collapsed, people screaming and yelling, jumping out of it. We have conducted classes on survival in crashes, so I knew to run faster to a large propane tank and turn the valve to turn off gas. Only then I noticed that the shaking all over and was terrified! "As a result of disaster, according to a psychic," The Gulf of Mexico has absorbed most of the Texas coast line has moved a couple of hundred miles to Phoenix, Arizona, Oregon and up to the surface of the water remains only mountainous terrain. " Submerged part of Japan, where millions died. From Australia there was only a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and came out of the water a new continent.

From 1980 to 1985, Helen Wambach, Chet B. Snow, Beverly Lundell, Dr. Sprinkle Jleo organized several volunteer groups of more than 2.5 thousand people, who were immersed in the state of progress with the help of hypnosis. Based on statistics, it was found that only 5% of Americans have experienced a global catastrophe. The other study future was just as dazzling light. This phenomenon is usually accompanied by a transition to the other world, as evidenced by the many descriptions of the people who were in this state, that is, the line between life and death, and which are returned safely to their normal existence. Most people are under hypnosis describe desert landscapes with sparse vegetation, abandoned city, "buildings are destroyed, and the ground is covered with rubble, debris and rubble," the environment as a "misty, gray, wet, cold … almost no signs of life. " One of the residents of New York City saw myself: "In solitude wander down the street … Dinner consists of red meat on the bone, and I eat in a dark, similar to the cellar room in the society of man in a cap, his face covered with red spots … My hands are also covered with spots … Experienced depresses me. I do not want to be back in such a desolate place. " There is also a description of the coming one Muscovite, who describes his vision: "I have a strong, stout body, I dressed in a military uniform, color black beret special forces. Black high boots. My skin is white. The air is saturated with odor and stale, hot and dry. We're underground, sewer cleaning, I think. Burning sensation in the throat. It was horrible. "

Researchers to "send" their volunteers in the future up to 2500. Of their predictions that the surviving part of the world's population will live in rural areas, while others are in an underground shelter transparent dome cities, some settled on the space stations and bases located on asteroids, the moon and Mars. And only after 200-300 years on this planet would return the vegetation and the atmosphere of the old.

In addition the above, below is an excerpt from the book "Journey of the Soul Life between lives" famous hypnotherapist Michael Newton, conducting studies of the existence of the human soul in the hypnotic sessions:

Dr. N: And you think you still go to the ground, when the cycle of your incarnations come to an end?
S: (long pause) O. .. maybe not … there is another world, in addition to the Earth … but with earth people …

Dr. N: What does this mean?
S: The Earth will be less people … it will be less populated … I do not understand it.

Dr. N: Where do you think you can then be?
S: I think that there is some kind of colony — I do not understand it.

Note: In addition to past life regression, there is also progress in the future life, which allows you to catch a glimpse of some subjects of some scenes of the future. For example: someone told me that the world population will be reduced greatly by the end of the twenty-second century because of unfavorable changes in the soil and the atmosphere. They also saw people living in strange domed buildings. Details of the future always rather vague — because, I suspect, particular to people amnesia associated with hindering karmic factors.

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