Egor Kulikov — World Champion Programming

Our colleague Egor Kulikov was winner the most prestigious international individual competition among programmers — TopCoder Open 2012!

Egor works in the St. Petersburg office of Yandex, in the department of development of mobile products. In the past Egor — winner of numerous school competitions in mathematics, a bronze medalist at the World Collegiate Programming Contest, and in 2010 he won first place in the other major competitions — Google Code Jam.

Thus, Yegor became the second Russian, after Peter Mitrichev to win and TopCoder Open, and Google Code Jam.

TopCoder Open — is the annual championship of the world software, which takes place in 2003. This year it was held in Orlando. To get to the final of the competition, you need to go through complicated multi-stage selection process. The first steps are carried out online: thousands of participants from all over the world are demonstrating their ability to solve complex algorithmic problems. 24 winners are invited to the internal round. But this does not end with the selection: applicants are divided into two semi-finals on 12 people, and eventually get to the finals the best of the best — a total of eight people. Get into this eight — already a major achievement.

All full-time tour participants receive cash prizes and the prize for the first place in this year amounted to 15,000 dollars.

The system of all the rounds naTopCoder Open about the same: participants are given three tasks — let simple, average and complex — and 75 minutes on their decision. The faster the participant solved the problem — the more points he gets for it. Before the announcement of the results is another 15 minutes when participants can see each other's solutions and find them in error. For each found the test on which the software is not working properly opponent who found gets extra points.

Participate in and win in this level of competition do not only bring pleasure and money, but also allow a lot to learn and provide great career prospects: he helps to push the mobile Egor direction Yandex, one of his former teammate (and at the same time co-author of the text) is the deputy head of the service development Yandex.Direct advertising technology, and another, Paul Nalivayko, now lives in Zurich and is working on search quality at Google.

Yegor Congratulations on your victory!

Michael Levin and Alexander Kuprin

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ps for those who think that the best people are leaving Russia.

in the comments to the article immediately appeared liberast:


ps now Yegor take either Facebook or Google

but himself appeared Yegor said


Facebook only in the States, and there I do not want to live, and in Google I worked.

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