Element comes on all fronts

In Spain, the fight against forest fires. Fire threatens settlements, disrupted transport. In France, in the Alps has been simmering day unexpected snowstorm in July, and usually sunny Sydney poured rain.
Galibier pass in the French Alps covered with snow. Winter — is common, but what if the same thing in the summer? An unexpected snowstorm began in anticipation of the next stage of the Tour de France. This site is included in the race since 1911, that is, this year marks its centenary route. But because of the snow holding the race remains a big question.
Bad weather caught off guard and tourists who decided to explore the glorious alpine landscape. Many are not stocked with warm clothes, well, more prudent to respond to the whims of nature with true French joie de vivre.

Meanwhile, neighboring Spain faint from the heat. In Catalonia, the day and night, hundreds of employees of emergency services fighting forest fires. Fire covers hundreds of acres, interrupted rail service. Evacuation is announced, then take off to the extent that, like changing the direction of a meter.
"It is said to promote the fire stopped. Long? It's scary, we did not sleep all night, watching the wind," — says a resident of Catalonia.
And residents south of Poland brought a lot of problems and a strong wind storm. Flooded fields, felled trees. Meteorologists to please people have nothing, because in the week in the country promises to announce storms and hail.

Element is not passed, and one of the sunniest countries in the world — Australia: Sydney one day had the monthly rainfall. This in not seen in 20 years. Stormy sea, swimming and surfing are prohibited, but you can go to the waterfalls — an amazing sight — the flow of water in the wind goes into the sky.
And on the streets of Montreal, Canada because of rain hammered geyser. Breakthrough sewage turned a disaster for the unlucky driver who parked in the wrong place, on sewer. His car a few minutes balancing on a fountain, and finally fell to the ground, with major damage.


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