Element that is raging in Lugansk day

Ctihiya Lugansk rages that day

Due to bad weather in the constant interruptions to the light, the trees fall down on the sidewalk, the streets flowing with rainwater. Does not always work and cell phone.

Some residents believe that it is almost the end of the world: "When I saw what was going on outside, thought it was a real flood," — says a resident of the quarter Zarechny, Larissa.

"Our last night at the Steppenwolf turned off the light in the window clatter wind, something pops, whistles. Was so terrible that took a taxi and went to spend the night at her friend," — says Natalia.

Many traffic lights are off, traffic controllers working at the intersections, but it does not save the city from traffic jams. In many homes, disabled lifts — so people do not get stuck there if suddenly lost electricity.

Because of debris clogged storm drains along the streets of Lugansk muddy rivers flow of rainwater, especially strongly flooded entrances to the railway station, transfer to the bus stop "Central Market". Suffered Kambrod and Small Vergunka — there podtopilo home.

The region also swept element — Starobilsk hail the size of a hen's egg, losses account for a million hryvnia. And this is not the limit — for today and tomorrow in the field of declared a storm warning.

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