Elizovsky hospital enriched high-tech equipment

14 units of new medical equipment arrived in MBUZ "Elizovo district hospital" from May 2012. The total cost of equipment purchased for the needs of the district hospital, was about 27 million rubles.

Much of the medical equipment with all accessories has been directed to the surgical, maternity and intensive care department. "High-tech helpers" to guarantee the quality of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, brought the work of offices to a new level. 

An important acquisition for the adult clinic has ultrasound machine expert class with four color Doppler and a set of sensors with high resolution. 

Also, in order to improve the quality of care to babies with low birth weight, in the maternity ward installed and put into operation two incubators for newborn intensive care unit with extremely low birth weight. They are designed for the care of LBW babies with birth weight of 500 grams. Incubators are already in operation.

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