End of the world — 2012: An explosion in the sun as we fry in a skillet! Opinion CIA

Retired Major Ed Dames, a clairvoyant, who for years worked for the CIA as a team leader of clairvoyance working for military purposes, predicted many of the events at the national American radio that have already come true. One of his predictions — a global catastrophe that will claim the lives of billions of people and this event is just around the corner.

Clairvoyance — one of supernatural abilities, which means the ability to see future events.

Many are talented psychics over the years working with the military. Many of them are members of the military research programs. For years, they have predicted events come true. They all talk about a certain event, called "Kill Shot» («The killshot»), which should happen soon. This event will take millions of lives.

Secret government programs over the years studying the super-sensory perception (extra sensory perception — ESP). Major Ed Dames (Major Ed Dames) was the leader of one such secret program by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency. CIA). He taught and directed a group of clairvoyants, itself having the ability to see future events. He did not want to limit yourself and your employees to only certain objects, and directed them to see farther into the future. "We are very interested in military events, not as social or economic." Clairvoyants have started to see a special event. "At first I thought it was a nuclear war."

After hard work and detailed analysis, they identified a huge flaming object flying to the Earth. They found that this event is due to our star, the Sun. Eruption on the Sun is very strong impact on life on Earth. This will lead to the death of billions of people. The sun, the source of life, will be our biggest enemy.

Secrets of the CIA program began to flow. Ed had to resign, giving the opportunity to inform the world about the impending disaster. He made this known during the broadcast radio show Coast-to-coast.

He said that the sun will happen very powerful flash. After some time, indeed there was such a flash, and thankfully was not flash in the direction of Earth. But it was just a "warning", a harbinger to yourself "deadly blow". If this eruption happened just three months later, it would be fatal for the Earth.

Could be attributed to the prediction of Ed "too mature imagination", if not a series of other already vindicated predictions, which according to him, will be preceded by "killer blow", such as the dispute (a kind of fungus) began in Africa and spread to the whole world . He also predicted the explosion of the reactor in Tokyo and said, "I got in touch with the Japanese government, and told them that the coming disaster will be at least a mini-Chernobyl. But the Japanese government did not want to "scare people". " All of these predictions have been advertised on national U.S. radio.

Ed says: "As well as looking at the mountain on the horizon, you can see it, and about to assume the distance to it, as clairvoyance, can not accurately determine the time. So we need to look at the events that preceded this global event. "

"The team and other clairvoyants can see this chain of dominoes that leads to a global event." Most of these earlier events described above have occurred. What's left?

Years ago, Ed predicted that one of the last events before the "fatal blow" to the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea. This prediction was made long before, as North Korea has a nuclear weapon. "Now we already know, as a fact, moreover, we can see it through the super-powers. Out of anger, they will make a nuclear explosion on the United States. "

"We are not prophets, seers we just — we look as if through a telescope on what that special object and study it. We select the objects. "

Also, one of the last preceding events before a series of "fatal blow" to be forcing descent (landing / return) Missiles (spacecraft) because most likely a meteor shower.

"Since the mind is outside of time, we can not tell the exact time. But this event with the spacecraft will be the last before the series. Personally, I often see a picture of all the soldiers fighting in the world, will stop and everyone will be looking at the sky. Then they turn around and go home. "

When will the global event, all satellites will be cut, there will be communication, no electricity … and it will last for months. In the cities will not be eating, not gasoline, to bring food into the city.

For Ed's important that people are aware of the importance of this event, and had a place where he calls sanctuary where you can come on the last tank of gasoline.

"Because of what is happening on the Sun, the center of the Earth is changing, so follow the massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It will be a strong wind and the sun's light is dimmed, complicating the cultivation of crops. "

"There is no communication, no electricity … months or years will not get better until the high voltage transmission network (the power grid). If you live in a cold place, a fuel reserve.

Places of refuge on Earth

Ed says, "I want to stress that just because we have not seen during our sessions, some place of refuge in different parts of the world, it does not mean they are not there. We just have developed the following picture: We did not find a place of refuge or South America or Latin America. In the Southern Hemisphere, we found quite a few (very few) places of refuge, including New Zealand and Australia (with a few exceptions in Australia and one or two exceptions in New Zealand). Almost all shelters are located in the northern hemisphere.

Ed advises people to seek shelter, good to explore the area, calculate how long it takes to get to it (in the car or on an airplane).

He says: "I worked at the CIA for most of his life. I have worked with the leading scientists around the world. I met skepticism in all forms and fields. It's easy to understand the skeptics. If I were not a seer, and a Ed Dames told me that there will be times like this, I would not when I did not believe him. In many places in the world lives are difficult enough, who want to hear about the end times? "

"The world is so much confusion as to what is clairvoyance. We are not saying that will be the end of the world. Will end life as we know it. But the world will be people who will survive and they will have to be rebuilt new world, a new life. Sun will return to normal, but we do not know how long it takes. "

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