End of the World 2013

Message from Earthlings: "It is the end of the World, not with bullets, but with tears, — Elliot. Humanity has already come close to the end of the time period in 26,000 Earth years, which completely covers the next cycle on a huge scale dynamic space of the "constellation of the Pleiades — the sun — the planet Earth." Now your Sun or as we call it "Sun Ring" revolves around Alcyone, the central star in the constellation of the Pleiades.

The uniqueness of the forthcoming evolutionary quantum leap is that constellation of the Pleiades, which includes your solar system, and also about to end its stay in orbit around the galactic center, where Constellation was 230,000,000 in the last years (at your vremyaischisleniyu). In addition, all of our Galaxy has already approached the endpoint infinitely longer period of his stay in orbit rotation around the Great Central Sun of All That Is.

All three series — Galaxy (on its evolutionary level) — The constellation of the Pleiades (on their level) — Your solar system (with all its planets and the Earth, as well) — to be completed almost simultaneously, synchronously, not to disturb the dynamic equilibrium of the entire systems. Once this happens, there will begin a new, much more complex and higher for each of the components of this system is the Intelligent Space Units evolutionary cycle.

This event will occur (or rather, in the timeless continuum, it has already happened) to you, earthlings, in 2013: at the same time and simultaneously begin the next cycle of the evolutionary development of the Earth 26,000 years long and begins to spin on the new level of the next round of the great cosmic spiral of our galaxy around the Great Central Sun's All That. And nothing can stop this grand-scale space quantum leap. After all, we're not just talking about the fate of your planet, but the fate of billions of other planets and systems, which are also members of this unique and wonderful transition in their spiritual evolution.

To prepare for the move to the new evolutionary spiral, our entire galaxy with all its systems have entered a period of cleansing the karmic patterns of the past. Like your own land, in the beginning of your entire system in 2013 Orion is obscured by one day, during which each of the pole stars and planets of the constellation will be highly amused. This will lead to the complete evaporation of many existing planets yet Orion evolution do not fit into the dominant type of vibration and qualities of a new round.

Pleiades system in 2013 will be part of the Sirius star system, will spin on a new orbit around the Sun, becoming the system of the title and the seat of the so-called "Cities of Light."

We remind you that your Sun Ring is also included in the Pleiades as the eight stars, and therefore also honored to create their own systems within the City of Light. But since your Sun along with the planets is as if the "edge" of the Pleiades, then the quantum evolutionary shift in your solar system will just "later", but, again, no later than 2013. All other seven Solar Rings Pleiades already implemented as the Mystery School and the seat of the city of light, and by the deadline will be prepared for the fact that the following evolutionarily higher functions in the economy of the cosmos. 2013 will open for you, earthlings, a new era, which we call the Age of Light, and you — the Age of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete.

What exactly happens on your planet in late 2012 — early 2013's? First, the significant change of the poles in July 2002, will change the position of the Earth relative to the Sun, and your very light — also due to the same pole shift — simultaneously change the position of his entire system with respect to the constellation of the Pleiades. Second, finally completed a long cycle of spiritual energy and physical cleansing. Karmic, purification of space systems are always at the end of the main loop, and this cycle of 26,000 years for the Earth is the main thing. All that remained unresolved in the previous section the evolutionary spiral, brought to the surface and is performed for the last time in order to transmute and transcend.

In this century, on the physical plane of Earth embodied for the last attempt to escape evolutionary consciousness, staying on the latest face of its degradation, and the most spiritually developed human consciousness, voluntarily opted to try to save as much as possible not quite lost for the cycle of evolution of human souls. It is those who in his last incarnations love, selflessness and righteousness earned the honor to be called saints, apostles, teachers, prophets, etc.

Those whom they should try to save — it's soul, whose physical incarnation was not as successful and useful, and has for centuries brought to people suffering, pain, humiliation and misery. The latter, and is now giving the last and only chance to escape from the subsequent anniglyatsii when utter these souls lost their individuality, will enter as components in mere Shower Animal Collective.

We will not hide from you that most of humanity is not yet ready for such an important event, but canceled it no one but the Prime Creator, can not and may not. So we want to try to save at least that part of humanity that has already gone to a rising degree of evolution and turned her gaze toward the spiritual light and truth.

In the remaining years, we further strengthen the degree of spiritual contact with you to the necessary transmutation took place as soon as possible. But we meet stiff resistance, which is very difficult to overcome in a very short time left.

The biggest obstacle that hinders the greatest achievement of the required quality, the lack of awareness in you early release from spiritual evils caused by materialistic dynamics and all that binds the spirit and prevent it is in harmony with your outer shells — the bodies, which he had used in three-dimensional space.

But we have high hopes, and we continue to firmly believe in those who have reached the required level of spiritual ascension consciousness sufficient to yourself to help all who seek enlightenment. We know very well and understand the physical and psychological challenges that have to face all those who wish to teach and pass on their knowledge to other people evolution.

We do not always, unfortunately, find a free and confidential mental acceptance of our reserves and the willingness to take seriously our guides and the truly valuable work they are for the benefit of all humanity, do not settle with the need nor with ridicule, or with multiple other obstacles that impede their selfless work. We're sorry that you can not yet be less suspicious, less rationalistic and doubters, less prone to all kinds of biases. But we really want you to be happy, just as we are, and for that we work here, and we hope for your understanding, for your loyalty and for your courage in the face of trials Spirit.

Remaining until 2013 when you can rightly be called the period of "spring-cleaning" of the Earth on its lower planes — physical and astral. On the physical plane, "cleaning" will lead to significant changes in the composition and structure of the physical surface of the Earth, exposing the huge changes and physical shell of embodied human Souls. This would entail the need to subject many, many millions of people the process that you have to be called "Death."

We carefully monitor the educational work of a large group of our comrades who are trying every means to change people's attitude to this act, however, does not simplify its evolutionary value. We hope that despite the desperate attempts of the dark forces to prevent more rapid spread of all human knowledge about the true nature of the process of transition of death, thanks to the work of the group consciousness of millions of people coming in the next few years of the transition to the Astral plane of existence seem less tragic and painful,

Especially strong shifts expected on the physical plane, where change, both external and internal, have already begun and every year will be deepened to the extent that, as your solar system will be more immersed in the high-frequency band of cosmic rays coming from the center of the galaxy. In the area of land in the summer of 1996 is already working space converter of these emissions, and the power of it is growing every year.

Before the launch of the Reactor Orbit, Earth in the last few years, alternately entered the zone of active exposure and leaving it to these high-energy does not impact too negatively on the state of the protein-DNA complexes that form the basis of your physical bodies. But three years later, the physical body of the Earth completely immersed in this "photonic band" and will stay there for the next two thousand years. Thanks to this high-energy "band" Center of the Galaxy, Sirius system, Star Alcyone and Maia will always pass the Earth and other planets in your Sun sacred codes necessary for the spiritual awakening of consciousness and subsequent evolutionary jump in the solar system.

Naturally, the Consciousness, whose central nervous system, the astral and mental bodies are not yet sufficiently developed to freely move the impact of such high energies, can not withstand these vibrations and therefore will not have to incarnate on the physical plane of Earth. In this imperfect human consciousness is prepared for a different fate — to continue its development on another planet that is outside of your solar system. Many humans have already started to feel great and unexpected shifts in the spiritual and energy development.

Have you called the "psychic explosion," although this is not entirely correct and does not reflect the complexity and completeness occurring within you the energy transformations. Disclosure of higher mental center gives only the possibility of spiritual ground, but does not imply an automatic raising of consciousness.

Millions of people on Earth have already started to feel the acceleration of their spiritual growth, and is closely related purification processes have accumulated over many lifetimes of karma, when your planet is dipped into a high-frequency vibrations of the photon band, and out of them. The frequency of such power dives every year will rise steadily as long as all of the objects in our galaxy is not prepared for them will take position on new orbital systems, and the Earth is no exception. In 2013, in connection with the transition to a new stage evolutionary spiral your planet will be setup as one of the Mystery Schools for the human mind and as the seat of the so-called "Cities of Light."

During the remaining 15 years, after which happens Galactic Solar Initiation of the Earth, the ubiquitous local and global floods, droughts and fires, "unprecedented in its destructive power of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions thousands, dynamic shifts great continental and oceanic geological formations and in the end — abrupt shift of the poles and changing the angle of inclination of the Earth axis will bring your world to the desired level of karmic and spiritual purification. High-frequency vibrations from the Galactic Center will wash the Earth invigorating flow of divine energy and clear all of the lower planes of accumulated over 26,000 years of human activity trash, dirt, and imperfect forms of mental and astral creation of universal consciousness.

All of these disasters will next be sinusoidal: From 1999 to 2004, with a peak in early July 2002, then — a slight decline overall volcanic activity dominated by powerful local energoudarov on a piece of land, and after that — the period from 2010 to 2015, peaking in late 2012 — early 2013.

Before every person now living on Earth, now firmly and clearly posed the question of whether he is ready to become spiritually responsible person to remain on earth after the next 15 years. Nobody dares to force everyone should do their own, the only right for his level of consciousness, choice. As has been said, for those of consciousness, which is not like — because of their evolutionary immaturity — stay on Earth and inhabit the City of Light, is to find another planet, in another part of the galaxy, where these are evolutionarily young mind for thousands of years will continue the karmic lessons and individual evolution of a three-dimensional plan. Their existence on a new planet will be a little different from the usual mortality.

Those of earthlings who — by virtue of the identity of his mind with being sent to Earth vibrations — decided to stay and continue its further evolution in the world, will have to learn a whole new attitude to the world, typical of the era of the Holy Spirit, which is impossible without the discovery and activation The higher energy of the divine center in altered forms of human bodies. If the forces of the psychic centers started functioning in full force right now, without transformation of the structures of your body, then you just would have died, because your present physical bodies can not withstand all of the more intense solar radiation, which every year will be all stronger and better fill the atmosphere of your planet and changed the body of the remaining inhabitants of the earth …

During the fall of Atlantis, which, by their value differed little from coming fifteen years, those who had not dropped his consciousness to the lower levels of existence, quietly and painlessly moved choking effect of the elements around them, because they know the law, "Like attracts like." This means that the person, enveloped by fear and terror, is attracting the same rough-type vibration energy and destructive power, and confirm that all of the worst of his fears, probability that death frightened person can die of these forces in the If increases rapidly

If a person knows for sure that he had nothing to fear, because it is eternal, there is no death, but only a temporary shift of consciousness to a higher level of existence, among the bubbling around the elements it will remain calm and composure that will appeal to him protective strength and will protect against damage to the physical body. You should not think that a random rock, tore off a cliff, would kill him or he "accidentally" burn stream of boiling lava. None of the "accidents" occurring on the physical plane, is not a per se. Contingency — your primitive sense — simply does not exist, but there are laws that are derived from the immutable law of the universe, the performance of which is provided by hosts of invisible and indiscernible to your senses subtle beings.

When a man, armed with a knowledge of these laws, reaches a certain high point in the evolution of his consciousness, he can live in peace in areas where a powerful earthquake or filling kills anyone who does not know the law and do not live on them — in this case at the time cataclysm he just vibrating (in meditation rises to the level of the next measurement and experiencing spiritual elevation instead of death. Such a person may even help others, those who are ready to turn to the light to create a vibrational shift. in this case asking for help have to trust this person and should be absolutely sure of a favorable outcome. This way many teachers save their students from physical death, who temporarily left his Consciousnesses raging physical plane, go to the vibrations of the Astral Plane.

In areas of strong earthquakes, floods, fires and other disasters earth where fear, opposition, hatred, greed and anger created enough compacted amorphous nizhneastralnye energetic niches and funnel consciousness of thousands and even millions of people who died at the same time at the time of death can be captured by these illusory The "reality" that you usually called Hell or Purgatory. But you must firmly know that on the other side of death Beings of Light have always been and are close to you. They are authorized to provide assistance to those who want to get rid of coarse vibrations and protect themselves from unlawful encroachment on the inhabitants of the lower Astral freedom of choice. The light should have to go to the light, and having within itself should belong to the darkness Darkness. So try to get rid of the darkness in your souls still alive.

Luden consciousness, which will rise in meditation on the astral level, rather than to die physically, and also elevate the vibration of the space around them to the level of vibration fields of Light, so that the minds of all those who want to develop further and enter into the Light, will be able to find temporary shelter and make a smooth transition post-mortem. Those teachers who during disasters will perform that service, especially for this, and it is embodied in the current period and is usually important in previous lives have extensive experience working with showers, carried out the post-mortem conversion.

Therefore, we want to warn you that there is nothing to be afraid of the upcoming tests, but they should be for the short time a very responsible and serious preparations. Only someone who is sincerely devoted to the Light and live in it, just move to the next higher alternate reality from which his soul goes to another his earthly incarnation. Each Consciousness, who left unfit for further use physical body. Beings of Light will be given the choice, whenever they wish, after the death of every consciousness can choose: whether to continue to develop and progress through spiritual experience, or continue to be in fear and remain in captivity own illusions and ignorance.

This is the same "Last Judgment," which for two thousand years trying in their own way to interpret your religion. Remember that all of us, perhaps even more than you are interested in the fact that the Court was balanced and fair to those of consciousness, whose physical body will die in this global earth changes. We know that many people will choose natural impending "catastrophe" as a way of dying, as their higher consciousness realizes that their imperfect person fallen too low in the illusion of the physical plane and will not be able to change them in this life.

There will be some who will also die consciously, but not because of an irreconcilable internal conflict, but in order to help the billions of dead souls move to light during the transition and post-mortem to establish everywhere in the Astral Ascension Earth powerful channels. But will such a huge number of minds that choose this method of death just because they are ready right now to leave Earth and go to the next planet of evolutionary selection. There are also millions of people who just have to die a physical death, as the state of their bodies and cellular mutations reached a terrible level, that is simply impossible to improve or convert the remaining time on this planet.

Regardless of whether the dead man's physical body or in the case of ascension during deep meditation, but will seem dead, the whole being responsible for the successful outcome of the forthcoming Galactic transfer of land to have enough power and features to ensure that even the smallest chance of accidents during such Global Events. Each of those who will leave the physical world, is bound to be given the opportunity of free choice: either to leave or stay on Earth. Those who remain in the world, will have to accept and take responsibility for helping each other not only in the physical survival, but also in the spiritual evolution.

By 2013, each of the remaining humans must learn to understand and accept the following four main evolutionary principles:

1. The purpose of human existence on Earth — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

2. The essence of every human being — the divine, created from the emanations of light and love, the nature of which is good.

3. Free will — the absolute universal right; perfection calls the "I" to subordinate their free will to the Divine Will with full faith and absolute trust.

4. All creation is sacred — regardless of how it meets the needs of each individual "I".

Currently, one way or another, we try to bring these four spiritual principles to the mind of every living man. Planetary essence of the law is that before the end of regulation time cycle — and this is what is happening now — to every living person must recall four evolutionary principles which he is obliged to follow. Some people get these messages through books, others — through movies. Still others will experience clinical death, and again return to your physical body, but a qualitatively change the consciousness and will, in turn, for the remaining short-term help to change those they love.

Many people visit the Angels, Ascended Masters, the Mother of God. Extensive information about the evolutionary consciousness and holiness will also subconsciously receive all who see, bears or holding certain objects such as crystals and precious stones. It — just a few examples of how the process of sharing the planet these four spiritual truths. Your part in all this is to disasters while remaining live properly, to learn perfection and constantly practice it, pray for the knowledge of the Divine Plan and understand your role in it selflessly heal themselves thoroughly cleaned of all unnecessary and superficial at all levels.

You should know that at the collective level, there are seven major karmic energy structures to be the soonest possible eradication, elimination and transcendence. They are:

1 — arrogance or hubris

2 — addicted to something or someone;

3 — to impose their own views and opinions:

4 — hatred for the living and non-living;

5 — abuse of Consciousness or the will of another person;

6 — futile sacrifices;

7 — a painful sense of shame.

These seven sources of suffering and pain are the sources and carriers of Karma, from which Earth and its inhabitants will be sure to clean up to 2013.

Regardless of whether the country is set to achieve superiority over another country or any of the latter-day "teachers" puts himself above less conscious or even non-spiritual people — in any case, such a position is called arrogance or hubris.

Lies a drunk in the gutter and does not get rid of his passion, and master mind of man obsessive thoughts about your physical appearance or body of his (her) neighbor — in any case we are dealing with an addicted.

Slander any one religious movement to another, proving their case, or spiritual person looks down on the "lout" — in any case it is called prejudice.

Does the country a war with another country, or a parent punishes and humiliates the child — in any case, these actions are violent. Killing a white man natives of other countries, to defile their land, or drivers inadvertently pressed protein and deer, too dispersing machine — in any case remain a victim.

Does Nazi Germany on themselves huge scars or poor and rich countries feel the insignificance of his impoverished life — in any case it is called a sense of shame.

Each person should do their part in healing yourself and others from these karmic patterns.

There are many options for the seven major manifestations of karmic problems. However, if you look closely, you will see that today the source of all problems in the world is one or more of these seven karmic structure of your solar system. These structures is accompanied by a lack of knowledge of the four evolutionary principles that now everyone just need to learn.

For those of you who have mastered the behavioral and ideological levels of these structures or sincere and fruitful work on them, the main task of the coming years will be a conscious alignment with the Higher Consciousness of personal "I", the Higher Collective Consciousness and Divine Oneness. Emissaries of Light from the Pleiades and Andromeda, the Light Beings from Sirius, the Supreme Council of the Twelve, the Great White Brotherhood and many other small religious groups from all regions of the Galaxy genuinely want to help those who want to spiritually prepare for the transformation of energy in the world, quickly and evolve to then ascend and join us.

We, the Pleiadians, we are among you — as in dense, and in the etheric bodies. Numerous messengers Pleiades transmit their messages, as it always is at the end of the major evolutionary cycles on the planet at the end of previous earthly 26,000-year cycle following the devastation caused as a pole shift and other global cataclysms, in your world of two billion people remained little more than a million people who have been scattered across the planet. Approximately the same proportion between the survivors and the dead can occur at this time.

Prior to the current 26,000-year cycle of planetary administrators, coaches, teachers and spiritual leaders, and were mainly the Beings of Light from the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda. At the beginning of 26,000-year cycle makes a claim that, with the exception of the critical points of the evolutionary cycle, higher learning and leadership comes from those enlightened beings who have had much experience of the human incarnation. Now, among the people as a sufficient number of its own enlightenment and ascended consciousness to guide schools and institutions of the Mysteries.

Currently, it is necessary that the people of Earth have found the spiritual courage to demand what they want. Now before the Earth with a spectacular opportunity to make a spiritual quantum leap. When this happens, the earth and all the people will move to the four-and five-dimensional space level thus completely rid your consciousness of coarse energies lower astral sub-planes.

If, by 2013, most of the surviving population take as the basis of its existence has already been mentioned by us above the four spiritual principles, your planet will be the first planet ever to make such a spiritual quantum leap in evolution. All the necessary conditions for the energy for such a jump on the system, galactic and even universal levels already available, and that is the uniqueness of the event. But the collective consciousness of humanity: the earth as a huge responsibility.

In order to have absolute confidence in the success of the forthcoming quantum transition to 2013 no less than 144,000 human minds have become enlightened and realize the Supreme Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Only when a critical mass of awakened consciousness is then obschegalakticheskoe phenomenon, which you referred to as "mass Second Coming of Christ." A wave of high vibration energy of enlightenment passes through the planet and its people, perezhigaya brute power of the lower thought forms and dissolving the veil that separates them from their own inner experience of the Divine Reality and Truth.

And then the rest of the world's population will feel a wave of Enlightenment pervades all things in the world. At the same time in parallel will be stepped planetary enlightenment and innate human Souls commitment to spiritual evolution. Those who do not choose light to experience the horrors of the destruction of the old forms of the planet and automatically will be in the so-called "Obschegalakticheskom rehabilitation center." All of them will necessarily be given new opportunities for evolution and spiritual growth. If after a while they will want to re-explore the darkness, they will be sent to some other galaxy, where the opportunity still exists.

Of course, that to this cosmic event are preparing not only we, the Forces of Light. The forces of darkness and also take all valid and invalid measures so that it does not happen, because in this case, they are completely lost land as a staging area for destructive experiments on human beings. To do this, they have a wide range of means, including — as a last resort — preparing a planetary explosion, the benefit that nuclear and chemical weapons, you have accumulated for hundreds of such explosions. We know about it and keeping the situation in the world under the watchful supervision. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we actively and constantly monitor all earthly structures with characteristics of military nuclear capability.

But even if (in theory!) To assume the worst and a nuclear explosion does happen, and in this case provides a fallback successful completion of the situation, namely, in our simultaneous signal-code 144.000 Christlike human consciousness instantly go into the body of the Ascension, to attach to themselves (according to the law of attraction like with like) of all other newly awakened humans. The effect of each of these Christ-Beings on other people will be so strong that each of them can instantly move behind him on the higher planes of the Planetary Consciousness has to 144,000 people. Thus, 144,000 Christ-create the energy conditions for instantaneous quantum leap is 20,736,000,000 human consciousness, not only embodied, but at the time of disembodied souls.

Then the dark veil, or so-called "Mirror", "Astral Network" surrounding the outer atmosphere of the Earth, consisting of coarse energies and human emanations completely dissolved. This will allow all the Galactic Codes going through your Sun at the Earth that now is the enormous complexity and difficulty. There will be no lower astral planes, and all the people will feel "light of God", and then find themselves in the all-new world that is more beautiful and pure than the one on which you are staying.

Physical Plan with its three dimensions will also gradually lose its importance and the time will come when it will cease to exist, and has worked as a useless evolutionary material. Most people of the world will be living in the fourth and fifth dimension, which you are called Heaven or Devachan. Those who ascended to the levels in the preceding their lives also go directly to the fifth dimension, or even higher, so as to have a very strong impact progressive effect of the quantum leap of the planet.

We are already in advance preparing for these measurements schools for those new spiritual human beings who will be four-dimensional. These beings are aware of their own creations in the past, the origin and purpose of his soul, and shall come upon all the spiritual teachings associated with that level of evolution. As predicted by your prophets are also our brothers on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium will come beneficial evolutionary period of 1000 years during which will dominate the world and focus human consciousness on an intense spiritual evolution. Mystery Schools are the center of all activity for all these thousands of years.

At the end of this period the Earth officially assume the role of galactic seat of Cities of Light and Mystery School for the other three-dimensional planets. You yourself become a leading and teachers to consciousness, staying in three-dimensional worlds, the same as we are now for you.

If you are to succeed in 2013 (and we strongly believe it will help you), then a giant wave emanation of Love and Joy, formed from the union of the Higher Collective Consciousness with three-and four-Consciousnesses overtake the galaxy and convert the rest of Karma and lower astral energy your solar system in the pure light — just as the planetary wave of enlightenment will do it for the Earth and its people. The power of this wave will be noticeable not only in the galaxy and in all things.

We believe in you and in the higher consciousness of your planet. Although the future perfectly, you should not allow a shadow of resistance or arrogance that can stop your going to Ascension. As long as you do your part and you want to get better, as far as possible — we will assist you in any convenient way for us. However, we will never interfere in your personal learning and growth. After all, you are here to become a teacher, and not disabled, which you want to save. It is time that you are saving yourself with hard and dedicated healing, growth and continuous spiritual awakening!

This "Emergency Message" you should not be seen as a challenge or a desire to dominate and conquer your planet. On the contrary, we want to ensure that you, the people of Earth, were the true masters in the spiritual renewal of energy and purified the planet, we are determined to prevent the recurrence of severe planetary catastrophe that in the not too distant past has cost the lives of many billions of beings on other planets in our galaxy the now uninhabitable and continues the evolution of living beings.

We are fully aware of how most of you mired in illusions of the Physical World, it is difficult and it is impossible to believe that we have to inform you, but it is us, the Pleiadians, the part of the Hierarchy of Light brought the mission of salvation of mankind in the period quantum leap. Do not be deceived on account of the fact if you can somehow magically way to avoid higher waves eternal law that governs the continuous formation of the cosmos. We do not advise your military to ignore the truth, otherwise each broke the law will be automatically punished.

In addition, we for the remaining period with the help of our many databases that are in the fourth spatial dimension of your planet, we will maintain the energy balance of the Earth, spreading the elements necessary for the development of the existential and the organizing principles of life in all its manifold forms. Our special attention is drawn to two inputs and outputs on the north and south poles, which your science could be used to prevent further formation of the so-called "Ozone hole" in the earth's atmosphere. You just need to stop the launching of missiles, which provoke breach magnetic tides, making it difficult to centrifugal and centripetal dynamism and contributing to the formation of the Earth geodynamic dystonia.

Driven by universal love, we are among you, to help you realize your mistakes and repent. Put all the things a real place! Otherwise, inevitably, the role of the destructive forces that are destabilizing the physical and mental processes on Earth, leading to unnecessary losses. Disturbance of the natural balance of forces in the world can cause a progressive destabilization of the neurons of the brain and brain wave abnormality, causing massive epidemics of disease, enabling crazy and uncontrollable desire to kill all living beings and myself as well. Such a massive spread of minds in a critical period of evolution is very likely, and extremely dangerous.

Your genetic structure — the carriers of biodynamic processes undergo is very harmful interference and anomalous influence from the Hierarchy of Darkness. The psyche of the people are more and more exposed to the damaging effects of stress, which modifies the genetic stability of the system and violate its normal evolutionary functions. Negative emotions affect the dynamic network, destabilizing processes of memory and cause abnormal mutations in your souls. After physical death, these souls will not be able to restore the lost identity and will be used only as a secondary material for the evolution of the Collective Souls of Animals. Therefore become more alert to the tricks and temptations of the dark forces, least of all interested in the successful your Transfiguration.

Very, very soon everyone on your Earth will be cleared and be reborn to a new life. Evil will be defeated and all his ministers will be bound and locked in a super-dense world where they will have to start again its evolutionary ascent to once yet to achieve the levels of vibration, which in the years to allow more than 20 billion of the human consciousness to become inhabitants of cities of the earth Light. Get ready, people, as the day and hour of "Last Judgment" on the past of your planet is already marked! ".

2013. Pier van der Meer.

Dr. Piers Van der Meer, an astrophysicist from the Netherlands, one of the leading experts in ESA (European Space Agency) has suggested that our star will soon explode. From his calculations, the core of the Sun has recently strongly warmed up. If its normal temperature was 27 million degrees, but nowadays it has already reached 49 million degrees Fahrenheit. Heating of the solar core evidence of the processes that occur inside the supernova immediately before the explosion. A rapid rise in temperature of the sun van der Meer explain the global warming of the planet considering that the greenhouse effect is not involved in the increase in the average temperature on Earth. Astrophysicists are constantly monitoring the behavior of the Sun. Pictures of huge prominences and powerful magnetic storms support the hypothesis that our star really is something special. Dutch astrophysicists have assumed that if the growth of the solar core temperature continues, soon the process will become irreversible. Soon the sun will die in a powerful explosion. Along with the Sun and the Earth will perish. Disaster, says Pearce van der Meer, could erupt in 2013. There will be end of the world in the truest sense of the word.

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