End of the world in question?

What only the "ends of the world" does not predict a "scientist" and "prophets" of all kinds and grades. And the media treat and indiscriminately print this heresy, even without understanding. I have been reading the magazine "Nature and Man," because in this journal publishes my articles and essays.

In № 11-2009 of this journal published an article by an unknown Yuri Mozzherin "Dialectical physics."

First, there is no such term — dialectical physics! Dialectics in Greek language — the art of arguing, reasoning lead — one of the main methods of philosophical knowledge of the world, based on the clash of thesis and antithesis. I will not go into the "wilds" of philosophy, because of the dialectic in philosophy, you can write to infinity ….
The author of "dialectical physics" all the laws of physics "flow" of the tenets of dialectical theory of philosophy. In general, the author presents his philosophical reflections. As they say, "think not ban anyone …", but the comment of the magazine to the chapter "Why blow up a planet?" I just outraged!

I quote verbatim this comment: "In this way, the author proved the existence of antigravity in nature along with gravity. This allowed him to open a number of supposedly new laws of nature, which ultimately could begin dialectic physics. Based on the principles of physics, the author realized that the four planets solar system exploded. For this reason they have over and over satellites, fragments ….. ". The author further states that all the planets in the solar system periodically explode every 63 — 65 million years. How do you like that kind of nonsense? If the author, at least superficially familiar with the research in stratigraphy, geochronology, etc., that would not have written this crazy nonsense. So I decided to put down on your pages full article "The End of the world in question." That the full version was published in a number 9 — 2007 journal "Nature and Man."
Beginning of the article on the "global warming" since the beginning of the whole article devoted to global warming. And on this page — the presentation of the material on the destruction of modern myths about the "end of the world."

    So, try to destroy the myth of the "crustal faults with a massive outpouring of magma" (super volcanism).
Soviet astronomer, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of PP Parenago (1906 — 1960) found that the solar system is moving me around the central mass of our Galaxy by the law, the law is very close to the relative motion of the planets around the sun. He calculated the orbital period of the Sun around the center of the galaxy — 212 million years. And to determine the time between two successive passages through perigalakty (the shortest distance from the galactic center to the Sun) and apogalakty (maximum distance from the Sun to the center of the galaxy), the so-called galactic anomalistic period of the sun — 176 million years. It was his BL PM (scientist and naturalist, geologist), engaged astrogeologiey, called "galactic year."
    Orbital motion in the plane of the galaxy combined with harmonic oscillations of the Sun in the direction perpendicular to the galactic plane with a period, the value of which is 2 times less than the galactic year, and was named "draconic period." During each half Draconian period of the solar system is moving from one side of the galactic plane, and within every 22 million years, then removed, then approaches her. A study of the intensity of mountain building in the last 500 million years, we will see that all the moments of the solar system passing through 3 and 2 apogalaktiya perigalaktiya marked by sharp bursts of granitoid magmatism and mountain building, after which followed a period of 20 — 25 million years, with minimal activity of tectonic movements.
    Another proof of the depths of the earth depends on the time of a galactic year is the similarity of granite during each of the three galactic years. Frequency of granite is well expressed in the Earth's history — geochronology. Repeatable processes granitooobrazovaniya within each galactic year shows their dependence on the time of the galactic year. From this it follows that Deep Earth "work" on space schedule.
    What we know about large wave mantle, moving from west to east with a period of 180 million years?
Magmatism — is tectonics, only by other means. Professor MM Rubinstein (Rector of the University of Irkutsk) was studied and it was found that the wave of tectonic movement closes the circle in the Northern Hemisphere for 175 — 180 million years. Note: Again, the same figure, equal to the duration of a galactic year. The wave of tectonic movements and influences on sea level: the passage through its crest level of the oceans rises, and as it passes through the continents of this level falls. Successive passes through the continental and oceanic hemisphere during the galactic year, a wave of tectonic movements creates fluctuations in sea level. But back to the possibility of global catastrophes in the world because of the powerful emissions from volcanic magma.

    Hungarian geophysicist P. Hedervar developed rating scale volcanic eruptions using an atomic bomb equivalent (ABE), which shows the number of atomic bombs, the ability to isolate the same power as a volcanic explosion. The unit in his calculations assumed power 10 bombs dropped on Hiroshima, that is equal to 8.4 x 10 21 erg. ABE cite some volcanic eruptions: Bezymyannyi 1956 — about 4, the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 — 21,547; explosion of the volcano of Santorini — 200 000 ABE.

     There are calculations that show that earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 9 can not be, because it breaks after a certain critical length (the length of the planet's surface about 1 000 km) go into the outside of the crust and sink into the subcortical horizons of the world, where emerging on the cleavage plane stress blanked plastic mantle material. Also can not be volcanic eruptions with power consumption of more than 10 27
erg, since the strength crust will not allow to concentrate the forces necessary for this — it will break the layers and relaxation!

    "The failure of large parts of the earth's crust" EXPELLED! And pochemu.

In the opinion of many Russian scientists studying geology ocean floor and continental margins, the crust is broken into a number of large plates or plates. The creators of plate tectonics have different opinions of their number. First, an estimated 6 — 8 crustal plates. Then they had to "break up", and plates was 22. These giant "slices" the earth's crust called the "geoblocks." The spaces between them — transital — an area of about 6 — 8 mln.kvadratnyh kilometers.

    Thus, the lithosphere — a complex mosaic of volatile forms, combination of various geoblocks. It is known that stable continental blocks there are billions of years old. But at the same time, the continents drift with constant velocity of about 2 about longitude for 1 million years. It is assumed that the cause of continental drift is the movement of material in the asthenosphere — layer with low viscosity in the upper mantle at depths of 100 — 800
km, and therefore there are major movement of the body relative to the axis of rotation of the Earth. Moving geoblocks proved that there are secular shift of the magnetic poles at a rate of 10 cm per year. About 80 million years ago the North Pole was in the south of Greenland, and if we assume that it is strictly secular motion is constant, the North
Pole about 60 million years would be near Washington. From the early Jurassic (about 168 million years ago) to the present day, going from west to east, the North Pole has described nearly closed trajectory with an average diameter of at least 1000 km.

    Tectonic movements attest to the fact that there are huge tides, which last for millions of years and leave a tangible difference in the ratio of land and sea, fixed on paleographic maps. Thus, a cause of fluctuations in sea level associated with tides having galactic periodicity. We have the facts proving vibrations oceans a big 300 — 350 m and galactic period 180 million years, and the scale of fluctuations in the 150 — 200 m and a period of 22 million years.

    Polar motion, the convective cells in the mantle and continental drift related. This system can not be closed, since it is in the gravitational field of the solar system and the galaxy. Although the gravitational influence of the solar system is weak, but the aforementioned gravity hits (2 hits for galactic year) make your own rhythms adjust to the galactic planetary schedule. Just as our biorhythms you organisms adjusted to the rhythms of the larger systems in which we live.

    Now we have to consider the last possible global catastrophe — "a roll of the Earth", that is, its revolution 180 degrees through the axis of the equator. Geoid (the body) of the Earth is in its way a gyroscope, which is a law "of conservation of angular momentum." All probably know a child's toy called "spinning top." She is having a very low speed of rotation and the small mass, steadily maintains its position during rotation. I amused myself as a child of such a toy, clicking and lightly hitting her. Yule while swaying instantly restored its position in space. Only a severe blow to her, more than its weight in dozens (maybe hundreds) of times, could change its position — on one side. One of the properties gyroscope under the influence of an external force torque around the axis perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the rotor, the gyro starts to rotate around the axis of precession, which is perpendicular to the moment of the external forces. Earth has an axis precession along the equator, so that the geoid of the Earth has changed its position in space by 180 degrees from the impact of a cosmic body, then that body must have a mass of tens (hundreds) of times the mass of Earth. But this was not the entire history of the Earth, and if it happened, it just would not be the planet Earth.

    Professionals involved in the collision of celestial bodies, believe that for their geological history of at least 4.5 billion years the Earth has experienced over 1 million krateroobrazuyuschimi collisions with space bodies. Soviet scientists VV Fedynsky (geophysicist, astronomer), AI Dabija (geology, geophysics) and IT Zotkin (an authority in the field of astronomy, meteors and meteorites) concluded that in stable areas of the earth's crust, for a long time remained landlocked crater 10 km in diameter are able to survive in the form of visible forms of relief to 1 billion years, a diameter of 1 km — 100 million years, and a diameter of 100 m — 100 thousand years. The oldest structure on the impact of the cosmic body — it astrobleme Vredefort in South Africa. It has a diameter of 140 km, and the age of about 2 billion years old.

    But back to the "flip-flops" of the Earth. We already know about moving the North Pole, which is 500 million years was between Australia and Antarctica (referring to their current position). At the same time, we know that the Earth's axis is constantly oriented in space — the universe. Hence, the body of the geoid turns the axis of rotation, and one can assume that this is a period of about 900 million years. Therefore, a 180-degree turns it around for 450 million years. and the rotation is through the equatorial Indian Ocean.

    Now, I hope the reader is clear that global catastrophes such as "giant wave" of up to 3 km, "flip-flops of the Earth", "global warming", "supervolcanoes" and other delusions "doomsday" not expected in the next 22 — 23 million years!

    However, this does not mean that more ambitious than those already known to us, the disaster caused vnutriplanetnyh development processes in the future
impossible. Prominent Soviet geologist, academician D. Nalivkin that specifically studied the problems of geological disasters, emphasized: it is in human life catastrophic events are rare in the life of the earth, they are legitimate, often occurring phenomenon, without which the development of the planet is not possible. Catastrophe — an essential element of the process. Many members of the biological sciences recognize that disaster has revolutionize impact on wildlife, and the same is certainly true for the inorganic world.

    When considering the problem of mass extinction of organisms in relation to global cataclysms we passed the curious circumstances: the impact of the Late disaster that led to the death of the dinosaurs, along with much of the organic world, did not have a fatal effect on a number of then existing as living forms, including emerging , but had not managed to develop a more primitive and small mammals. On the contrary, caused by the disaster conditions contributed to the flourishing of mammals, and they occupied a dominant position in the organic world later Cenozoic.

    So mankind has bright prospects!

Vladimir Chernyshev

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