End of the world to be or not to be …

Mexican archaeologist Alfonso Morales discovered that the Mayan calendar does not predict his "end of the world." They spoke of "strict cyclical phenomenon" and not on a planetary catastrophe.

In the book "Chilam Balam", which tells the history of Mayan prophecies are related only to the end of the first era of human history. It is from this passage, some scientists have concluded and have argued that the Maya predicted the series of natural disasters, which will lead to the complete destruction of humanity and the planet Earth. In this case, Morales said that the Mayan predictions do have accidents. But these prophecies have already come true! and much earlier than 2012, as it is with the arrival of the Spaniards killed Maya.
In addition, the Mayan calendar is not decrypted by anyone! Although many of the "scientists" are trying to prove that the Mayan calendar is decrypted: using crop circles, with Egyptian hieroglyphics, etc. The whole problem is that you need a lot of time to expose the "coders".
If you remember all the predictions, from the ancient prophets, the end of the world had already come a long time ago. Our world had disappeared many times.

However, we are still living and expect to live. There are, of course, different scale disaster (large floods, catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.), but the global scale are on record never reached.

Let's start with the Christian religion, for which the "end of the world" is desirable, as this will come Savior and paradise on Earth. First Apocalypse of the followers of Christ foretold in the year 100 AD. And his disciples after his death said that he will come, when the last Apostle died (one of the 12 closest disciples). Then he was named in 1000 AD. Pope Innocent III proclaimed the end of the world in 1284, adding 666 to the number of the devil, the foundation of Islam. Of course, waiting for the Apocalypse in 1666, but he did not come.

The entire U.S. press with the words Adventist (Christian sect) has announced the year end of the world 1843. When nothing happened, the end of the world postponed for another year. Many believers quit their jobs, turned down all the cases, sold property, but again nothing happened (it is not clear why they all get up, if had to come paradise on earth, it appears Americans already were stupid.)

Mormons (another religious sect) practiced polygamy) predicted the apocalypse in 1891, "The Brothers and Sisters of the Red Death" — in 1900. Have contributed to contemporary scientists and Christians. Halley's comet had hit the Earth in 1910, but the Earth is only passed through its tail. Astronomers have postponed the case to the "parade of planets" in 1982, NASA officials moved it to 1988. Now, perhaps, he moved to the parade of planets in 2012 ….

Inscription on one of the pyramids of Egypt claimed that our world will disappear in 1960. Well, that it was discovered later. After tracing the authorship of these predictions, we see that they are all made or sectarian or religious fanatics (do not know which group include Egyptian priests) or crooks, earning their pseudoscientific predictions of money. To be fair to say that the scientists who made mistakes in their calculations, they brought a public apology. Sources predictions are writers, coming up with plausible stories, or journalists. Their books are bestsellers, out huge numbers, however, just as quickly forgotten.

On which to base predictions related to 2012? Only on the fact that during the next calendar calendars ancient Indians (and their civilization borrowed each other's calendars — the calendar turned to Maya from attsekov) and ends with the ancient Egyptians in 2012. But, first, these calendars are independent of the point of reference and frequency of years, and it all came up with the people, not gods. Second, the carriers themselves ancient calendars are not linked in 2012 to the end of the world or the "end of the world", and spoke only of the occurrence of a new period in the life of people. Hopi Indians said that over the 4th period and start the 25-year "period of purification," and then — the birth of the 5th world. The Incas called 2012 "the date of the meeting with himself", the Aztecs — 6th Sun, the time of birth of a new kind of people. And in the same spirit. Subsequent variations in interpretation of the same date — on the conscience of the interpreters, "the evil one", because each of them pursued ultimately their personal selfish goals (fame, money, etc.).
Until 2020, on Earth, "scheduled" regular parts of the world

In October last year, the Daily Telegraph has published a list of "pass" and still waiting for the end of the world, supposedly predicted in the past. Starting from 2008 and to 2020 on the Earth "scheduled" at least 12 "apocalypse":

— 2008: The fall to Earth asteroid with a diameter of more than 800 meters (did not come true);
— 2009: on the basis of transcripts centuriae Nostradamus Peter Laurie come Armageddon (was wrong);
— 2010: run out of oil, and the world will swallow a war for resources (not fulfilled);
— 2011: The end of the Mayan calendar cycle. Is a common date on which, according to various beliefs, held an end. Perhaps the asteroid collision will happen, (was wrong).
— 2012: The end of the world, too, on the Mayan calendar. Children Board to prepare, from 0.5% of the population has a chance to survive;
— 2013: Ragnarok, it is Doomsday. Day start and end. Hyperspace in the fourth dimension. For mortals it is death, but for the gods — birth;
— 2014: astrophysicists say that our solar system gets a cloud of space dust that sweeps away everything in its path. Dull end of the world;
— 2015: the end of 9576-year cycle, which leads to the death of civilization;
— 2016: James Hansen, a climate researcher at the state of the Earth, says that this year will melt glaciers and most of the land would be flooded;
— 2017: The end of the world for the hierarchical theory of catastrophes;
— 2018: nuclear war that Nostradamus had predicted;
— 2019: collision with asteroid 2002 NT7;
— 2020: Isaac Newton on the basis of the predictions of John calculated that the end of the world will be in this year.

Several years ago, a group of French scientists have discovered the ancient Pyramids of Earth in the same Egypt, but during excavations at a depth of 60 to 80 meters. According to American scholar A.Hindebranda their age has 65 million years.

In the opinion of the great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce had advocated in "Yasnochteniyah" back in 1937, the pyramid complex at Giza was built by the "gods" from Sirius in the year 10,450 BC.

Like all of the inhabitants of Mesoamerica, the Maya had two calendars used simultaneously and sequentially. One calendar was sunny and included more than 365 days and was the most perfect human invention in the field. A different calendar, the ritual consisted of 260 days. However, to enable both calendars in mathematical system had to make some changes. The first position is still represented by one, which at this time is a unit of time, ie day, wearing the name Keane. In the second position were equal to twenty months since the second unit of time was the month of the Maya called Vinal and consisted of 20 days. In the transition to the third position, instead of multiplying 20 by 20 to get 400, multiply 20 by 18 and get 360, a unit of time, called the Tun, less than a year, who missed five days and a few hours. This error was corrected by additional calculations, which are also reflected in the above-mentioned historical steles classical period. They used the described system, known as the "initial series."

Books of Chilam Balam of Chumayelya. VN translation Talah:

And then were captured Thirteen Gods Nine Gods
[1165] and then descended flame
descended bonds, stones and clubs,
and then it's beating club and stones
and then were captured thirteen (43) of the Gods,
[1170] and then were divided into their heads
and then were beaten by their faces
and then they were spat upon,
and then they were upset at the back,
and then were taken away from their symbols of power
with black paint to persons
Comment author's website.
1. There is no logic in the use of two calendars!
2. Perhaps one of the thirteen calendar belonged to the gods, the other — the Nine Gods …
3. 18 scientists know the Mayan calendar, but for some reason, only two have become popular?
Maya, unlike other civilizations (the Egyptians and Greeks) were not aware of iron, no wheels, no potter's wheel, they did not have large domestic animals. And while they practiced metallurgy technique, but for expensive items, jewelry and silver jewelry and gold. So they did not know the practical application of metal for weapons, home accessories and other useful tools.
Calendar "Stone of the Sun" — a huge basalt monolith diameter of 3.5 meters and a weight of 24.5 tons.
Question — how to create a Mayan calendar, not knowing the wheel, not steel?
Basalt has a hardness of 8 points on the Mohs scale. Maximum hardness of diamond — 10 units.
Mayyanisty scientists, archaeologists, historians have not come to a consensus about when and how there was a famous mayansky calendar. There is a theory that the Maya it was inherited from the ancient Olmec civilization, supposedly they invented writing and the calendar. Indeed, in the settlements of the ancient Olmec in the city of La Venta are artifacts and petroglyphs with calendar dates, such as ceramic cylinder engraved with 3 Ahau (day sacred calendar). Radiocarbon dating showed that the subject in 2350 years. Some anthropologists believe that the calendar originated in about 1300 BC, at the height of the Olmec culture, but there is no scientific evidence of this. In another version featured a wise ruler tall and white-skinned, red is unusual for people to race. This ruler invented writing and made Indian people knowledge of the Holy Calendar.

Vladimir Chernyshev

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