End of the world walks on the planet: in Kamchatka for 21. 12. 2012

In the Far East, while all are alive and well.

December 21 according to the Mayan calendar planet awaits apocalypse. And here and there a terrible 21.12.2012 is now.

Today and tomorrow we will see to it, as humanity meets "End of the World."

Our reporters transmit stories, photos and video from different points of the world, talking about how people from different countries respond to the prediction of the ancient priests.


In New York are waiting … Screenshot from the site

16.40 in Sochi on planning a wedding tomorrow

Sochi newlyweds reckless and end of the world tomorrow on the drum at the resort 20 weddings. No less than in any, no momentous Friday.

16. 35. In Tula meet Doomsday

Students perform traditional — with posters.


Students preparing for the Thule end of the world. They had it before in Ukraine

15.20 In the Crimean mountains appeared the ghost of the Apocalypse

Phantom of the Apocalypse appeared in the Crimean mountains a day before the end of the world. Ukrainian group of fans of science fiction photographed strange silhouette on the mountain Chater-Dag. Silhouette, similar to a human, with divorced hands in different directions of light emitted.

In the glowing circle barely discernible human figure. Photo courtesy of The Sun

15.10. In Vladivostok the end of the world for real: the webcam does not work

On Thursday, December 20, in the 19 hours of a part of the 71st and 64th districts of Vladivostok remained without electricity.

People sit in the dark. In addition, the incident occurred at a time when many residents of Vladivostok back from work, some got into the elevator and got stuck.

Now in Vladivostok first hour of the night, and "doomsday" the inhabitants of the city continues. By the way, none of the web-camera, one of those that are on city resources, does not work.

15.00. In Kamchatka, at 15.00 Moscow time already one in the morning and until all residents are safe and sound!

14.00 to "doomsday" voodoo lily bloomed

Snake palm, cadaverous flower and voodoo lily — all names Amorfofallosa flower that grows in one of the offices of the regional department of natural resources — according to local press office. Open flower experts predicted on 21-24 December, that is, just on the eve of the supposed "end of the world." And today, he blossomed.

There lily blooms … Photo: Press Service of the Department of Natural Resources of Tomsk region

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