End of the world will happen, or start anew?

End times, supposedly predicted by the ancient Mayans, only means the beginning of another calendar cycle

Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Around the world, people with unstable mentality seek shelter in order to survive the apocalypse. Byugarash French village in the Pyrenees, was forced to move to a state of siege: some seers prophesied that this phenomenon is expected to place the aliens that will save everyone in the Day of Judgment.

Thanks to those ads about a hundred thousand people have expressed a desire to book a place here at the time of the apocalypse. If the authorities do not take control of the situation, that on December 21 of this village certainly will end.

It would seem that what can be more absurd than to get to the mountain top and wait for the coming of the aliens? However, there are subjects abruptly. For example, recently in one of the newspapers of the Kirov region on the page with anecdotes and Crossword puzzle was published message unknown Tibetan monk of the impending end of time. Local shops the next day, no more matches, and canned goods. Most interesting is that all this fuss about the end of the world is quite susceptible to scientific explanation …

Enjoying fear

"This kind of hysterical outbreak is very well described in psychiatry — the head of the Center for Legal and psychological care in emergencies MD Mikhail Vinogradov. — Waiting for the end of the world, fear mongering cause reaction demoniac, and the level of human development, education, intelligence, there is not a big deal. End of the world people expect defiantly hysterical circle. Among those who fear the end of the world, there is a professor, and illiterate people. They all share the fear, fear, fear and a secret waiting for disaster. And some hope that the end of the world will take place, and they — in a cave in the forest, in the forest — it really will survive. "

In the apocalyptic epidemic has both general social conditions and subjective. As Professor of Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University, member of the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience Sciences Doctor of Philosophy Valery Kuvakin, talk about the end of the world may be a criterion of health or illness of society: "If society is sick, ignorant, you are talking about an apocalypse quite a stir, until the planned hikes to some sacred mountain. "

Talking about the coming end of the world enlivened by the crisis. "Any prediction of doom, if you delve into history, one way or another focused on some critical situations that were in society at a particular period of its development," — said the deputy director of the State Museum of Oriental Art for Science Doctor of Arts Tigran Mkrtychev. People, he said, every once in a particular crisis situation it is important to get a confirmation that things are bad. This should not happen because of all the really bad, but because there is a higher power, which dot the «i», even at the last moment. "Now there are a number of negative trends — continues Mkrtychev. — In addition to the economic crisis, a crisis in tolerance, cultural crisis, and so on. " These are the social problems of the global order, are not being addressed. What is not a cause for mass hysteria around December 21.

Global nature of the current panic is defined unprecedented development of the mass media, from newspapers, television, and radio to the Internet, social networks. For example, earlier expectation of Armageddon associated with only one religious tradition. In the Middle Ages, Christians could wait until the end of the world on a given day, and Muslims treated it very calmly. Now, when the fields covered without exception, the feeling of a global catastrophe. For example, opening the Metro newspaper, which says that the number assigned to a 21 end of the world, every man unwittingly becomes an accomplice of the event.

In addition, each person has a fear of death. "As a child, all told each other stories about the black hand, and previously heard tales about Baba Yaga. It is a way to come into contact with the fear of not directly, but indirectly, "- says the existential therapist Anastasia Transfiguration. Moreover, as the doctor says, directly admit to myself that life is finite, a person is difficult. It's easier to worry about it some indirect way, but not to think about my life in the circumstances.

Mikhail Vinogradov said that the idea of the end of the world, some people just get pleasure: "As masochists get pleasure from pain, and these people — from the fear that they cultivate." In this case, religion does not play a big role. Is the dominant characteristic of a person of any religion fear, masochistic pleasure to them, and most importantly — the idea that everything will be lost, and it was he who survives.

The memory of ancestors

In this regard, it is worth remembering where there was talk of the date of December 21. The story is this: a British researcher Lawrence Joseph, in his book "Apocalypse 2012: The end of civilization studies optimist," published in early 2007, has told the world about the Mayan calendar, which somehow ends abruptly in 2012. This, according to the British, a direct allusion to the apocalypse. Then a myriad of different researchers showed to the world their own scenarios of what the Indians could prophesy. The most frequently mentioned nowadays disaster, space-related and specifically to the Sun, the problems with the magnetic field of the Earth, as well as the emergence of the deadly virus. So is it worth waiting for December 21 something extraordinary?

Leading Researcher, Laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Bogachev assured "results" that our planet from the Sun is no threat in the near future is not coming. He ridiculed the two most popular among forecasters scenario. The first of them says that the sun will explode and instantly destroy the Earth. At this Sergey Bogachev says, "solar-type stars in the galaxy are observed in many, even in the most closest to us around and at different stages of life." Scientists can observe how the sun was young, what is it now, and see the old dying stars that once were the same as the Sun. Accordingly, the life cycle of stars like the Sun are well understood, and astrophysicists know that they are very stable. "It is a great joy for us, it means that they are able to shine with the same brightness for billions of years," — continued the scientist. Considering the fact that the Sun today lasted about 5 billion years, and the average life expectancy of 10 billion stars, it appears that humans waiting forever stability. Moreover, even at the end of his life the sun explodes. "Starburst certain weight, about twice as heavy as that of the Sun, and the less massive stars die quietly," — says astrophysicist.

In the second scenario the star must occur strong flare, which will cause the blackout on a planetary scale, and will drive a civilization to an end. This teaching says that Sun has been observed for about 260 years. It experiences some fluctuations, it recorded quite moderate outbreak, but in all that time, there was nothing that could be regarded as a harbinger of the apocalypse. The observations support the idea that the Sun — the star is very stable and is not able to destroy the Earth.

The next version of the disaster is related to the anticipated December 21 allegedly parade of planets. Astrologer Pavel Globa, "Any astrologer or astronomer, looking at the sky, clearly say that there is no parade of planets is not scheduled in December." Globalization, however, adds that astrology is nothing specific about the end of the world can not say, "In order to predict the date of the end of something, you need to have a start date. No one knows the date when the Earth was formed, so the cycle in terms of astrology can not compute. "

There are also concerns that the 21 December can happen something extraordinary with the magnetic poles of the earth: that will shift the axis of the planet, making Earth's magnetic field will disappear, which, like a shell, protecting us from dangerous solar radiation, and at the same time keeps the atmosphere at the surface of the planet. At this observatory director of Irkutsk State University Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Yazev says that "in astrophysics and geophysics there is no reason to expect anything to worry about. Neither asteroid does not threaten us, no comet falls on us. Axis shift as not, simply because it does not happen. "

About the threat of biological apocalypse Chair of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Ivan Pavlov MD Victor Tets clearly stated the "fruits", that "the laws of epidemiology, even if now there is a germ killer of all He simply would not have time to spread on December 21. "

And finally, an assistant professor of Ancient History History Department of Moscow State University, a member of the European Association mayyanistov Hist. Alexander Safronov authoritatively confirmed the "results" that the end of the large 5200-year cycle calendar Indians December 21 does not mean anything other as the beginning of a new, exactly the same cycle on the same calendar. That is, as explained by scientists, it is similar to that in our, Gregorian, calendar year or millennium ends, after which comes the next one, the same for the duration of the period.

So much so, that at the end of last week to deny rumors about an apocalypse had the rostrum of the Duma. LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev said that the information about the end of the world is a pseudo-fact and that, say, working in the legislature responsible scientists are willing to say: there is no end of the world will not.

The sun will rise

Dispel rumors regarding the close of the end times, they sound the last four years, almost every day. But people continue to strongly believe in it. Why? You can, of course, remember that the apocalypse has been prophesied by John the Evangelist. Since then, says Valery Kuvakin his waiting: "Since the Bible says that there will be, so there will be, especially since there are not clearly indicated when it will happen." Perhaps this explains a great many dates of doom, and has already gone by, and predicted the future. Last week, the three main religions in Russia — Orthodox Christianity, Islam and Judaism — said that about any end of the world out of the question.

But where is wrongheaded? University lecturer Chelyabinsk branch of the Russian Academy of Education Ph.D. Hope Usov, for example, believes that the person who announced Dec. 21 end of the world, very thinly knew the psychology and spirituality. The fact is that as long as there was a reasonable man, in late December, he watched a perfectly objective astronomical event — the winter solstice. By December 21 our star has consistently reached the minimum angle of declination of the Earth, the day grew short. In humans there is a strong sense of the approaching end of the world. And here and there just was advancing polar night … For centuries, this observation was accumulated in the collective memory of mankind. Today, all of this information up to date, is superimposed on a finely built forecast and date. It remains now to wait for December 22 and make sure that the sun rose above the horizon again.

Vladimir Kryuchkov

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