Enoch: Mankind offers unprecedented disasters

On Earth entered a new era of climate. It is after much agonizing discussion and analysis recognized meteorologists. None of them can not predict what will happen to the climate of the planet in the near future, so it's worth listening to the predictions of the ancients, many of which are true to the letter.

As for the next two years, 2011 and 2012 will be a turning point in the so-called quantum evolutionary leap. It began to fall at the beginning of November 2011, ending — for the first half of 2013.

Land actively change your vibration, making people get more and more irritated, aggravated disease. Particular impact environmental changes have on the psyche that leads to more mass demonstrations around the world.

In the near future the chain of new earthquakes almost the entire world. Not excluded even tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nature in early May, made it clear that she did not like before.

In Poland, the snow fell, the United States has passed a series of devastating storms in Italy — heat waves, in Siberia — the unprecedented heat in Moscow, the temperature jump, as he pleases.

On Dickson Island, the average temperature has exceeded the norm by 16 degrees.

In the Stavropol region were powerful showers, which set a new record for daily rainfall — 43 mm.

Anomalous cooling to -4 degrees is expected in the Kaliningrad region.

From 25 to 28 April in the U.S. hit 362 tornadoes, 312 — only for one day.

The rainy season in Thailand did not start in June, as usual, in April.

In the UK, dry and warm for this time of year the weather was the cause of forest fires.

Last winter in the Arctic was about 5 degrees warmer.

Cause of climate change in the Northern Hemisphere has been offset Gulf Stream 8 miles.

The prophet Enoch: The Flood — a prelude

Only Noah was born, his great-grandfather Enoch not only predicted the personal fate of the builder of the ark of salvation, but a catastrophic future of mankind in the long-term from the time of the Flood.

After the Crucifixion picture Apocalypse "draw" John, which ended the era of the prophets — then the kingdom of heaven was to take an effort of will and faith. It is by faith in the affairs of man was to change the genetic code of the death …

Before the Flood

Patriarch Enoch strangely "fell" from the Old Testament, although he had been given from birth unique abilities. He following Adam had to make a trip to heaven and get the power not only over men, but over the giants who lived at the time in the world. Impact on people, there is a large growth, called in the sixth book of Genesis "of old nice people," was the key to the Old Testament period.

Giants — Nifilimy committed a great sin, when "saw the daughters of men were beautiful, and come in to him." In modern terms, there was a genetic fusion of the two races, which, under the laws of extraterrestrial nifilimov (whom he calls Enoch angels, pointing to their heavenly origin), was considered unacceptable. Of mixed marriages began to appear-men mutants whose growth reached three thousand cubits. Nifilimy taught people to extract metals from the earth, to make weapons, to create jewelry, watch the stars and the use of plants for healing and spells. But soon the Giants' all ate purchasing people, "so that people could not prokarmlivat them. Higher power decided to put an end to this, and had killed all the people together. Mission to stop the lawlessness "angels" fell to Enoch, as he had power over them. Nifilimy but could not stop …

At that time in the universe occurred global processes, similar in many ways to what is happening now. If we take into account that there is Someone who has Overmind, He was not difficult to calculate the most favorable moment for the destruction of mankind. This time, it was imprinted in people's memories as the Deluge. Still, a small group of people led by Noah escaped. And the ark of Noah, helped build an angel sent from heaven.

Noah — direct descendant of Adam. His family did not touch "effect" nifilimov, although the father of Noah — Lamech came in awe as the future savior of the human race was born. From the baby came an unearthly light, and he immediately "began to talk to God truth." Lamech was afraid, because I thought that Noah was born from the angels. He rushed to his father Methuselah to share suspicion. Methuselah in turn offered to ask the advice of his father Enoch. Enoch has dispelled the doubts of his children, and advised to give the name of the newborn, Noah, which means relaxing, as it was he had to save the human race during the cataclysm. Later Enoch adds that in the distant future, humanity will survive shocks much more dangerous than a flood. But he was hidden from the people and the whole future of his life was spent with the saints.

After the Flood
The prophecies of Enoch were not reflected in the apocryphal literary works "The Book of Enoch", "Book of Jubilees" and others. These books do not recognize the official theology, but it is understandable. Even when taking into account that these books were written only for 200-300 years before the First Advent, some knowledge embodied in them is still unclear due to its divine depth. Enoch clearly describes the structure of the universe and gives an accurate calendar. But even in the recent past, the official Orthodox churches were burned at the stake of scientists who dared to say that the earth is round.

Excerpt from the Book of Enoch:
After the Flood
"And after this (flood) is not true there is much more than that which was made on the ground before, for I know the mysteries of the saints, for He — God — and permitted the I opened them to see me, and I read them on the tablets of heaven. And I saw written on them, that kind of comes to bezzakonnichat until the rebel kind of truth, and wickedness will be condemned to death, and sin will disappear from the earth, and all will be good for her. "

On the first advent

"Wisdom is not found on the ground where she would live, and because it was the dwelling in heaven. Wisdom came to live among the children of men, and could not find a place, then returned back to the wisdom of his seat and took his position between angels. And lie came out of their stores: not looking for it (reception), she found it and lived among them (people), like rain in the desert, and as the dew in a weary land. "

About the Second Coming
The day-elect will sit on the throne of his glory, and make a choice between their affairs (and in some places without number, and their spirit becomes stronger in their (people) inside, for they shall see my favorites and those who begged my holy and glorious name. And that day, I will send my favorite live among them, and converts the sky, and prepare it for the eternal blessing and light. And I will change the land and prepare it for the blessing, and dwell in my favorites, a sin and crime will disappear on it — they will not appear. For I saw the world and satiate my righteous, and set them before him: for I am a sinner to be court order to destroy them from the face of the earth. "

On the Day of Judgment
"Son of man will drive the kings from their thrones and kingdoms of them, for they do not praise Him and acknowledge with thanks, from where he was given the kingdom … And those who condemn the stars of heaven, and lift up their hands against the Most High, and the ground and trampled on her living, and all their works is not true, and they open the filthy, their strength is based on their wealth, and their faith relates to the gods, the work of their own hands, and they rejected the name of the Lord of Spirits. "

About disasters
"And when he shall send to you his word, would you be surprised if and not fear it? Then shake all the luminaries of the great fear, and the earth will be destroyed, and it will tremble and fear Allah. "

After disasters
"And in those days shall the righteous cry out to the children of the land and provide evidence as to the wisdom of (books) to show them — for you of their leaders — and prizes for the whole earth. For my son and I joined with them forever and forever in the ways of righteousness in their lives. And peace be with you, rejoice, you — the children of righteousness, verily! ".

Explanations and sources:

1. Apocrypha (Greek: "secret", "hidden") — religious works, the content of which does not coincide with the official doctrine.
2. "The Book of Enoch," "Book of Jubilees" refer to the years 323-30. BC
3. Quotes from the Ethiopian version of "the first book of Enoch." The first European English translation performed by R. Laurence and published in Oxford in 1821. In the Russian language the text is translated Orthodox priest Alexander Smirnov in 1888.
4. Enoch — an Old Testament patriarch antediluvian times, great-grandfather of Noah, the builder of the ark, the seventh in the list of descendants of Adam. Analog Enoch Sumerian-Akkadian literary works Enmenduranna, seventh in the list of kings. Enoch is revered as the founder of the writing. He was the first person whom God took to heaven. Besides him that fate has been awarded the prophet Elijah, Melchizedek, the Apostle John (in Mesopotamian tradition still Adapa — the Bible. Adam).

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