Environmentalists are going to take the spring to Kalmykia birdwatchers and tulips

Russian ornithologists organized in May 2013 ecological expedition to Kalmykia for birdwatchers and tulips, said Tuesday the CEO of ANO "Fotoekspeditsiya" Dmitry Moseykin. He was speaking at a presentation on the Day of the Russian Society of preservation and study of birds (ROSIP) at an exhibition of wildlife "Golden Turtle".

Environmentalists ROSIP announced a set of participants in the expedition, to be held in the spring in the Kalmyk steppes and rare birds abound around Lake Manych.

"Part of the trip will be devoted to bird watching at Lake Manych where you can see both types of nests on" our "pelicans — pink and curly, and the flight — such endangered species as the red-breasted goose, goose-fronted goose and duck-headed Duck," — RIA Novosti said a senior fellow of the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University Eugene Koblik.

"Tulip" part of the tour, which involves contemplation rather than "hunting" the excitement, however, will give nature lovers the opportunity to experience the unique beauty of the ecosystem, the state of which causes environmental concern. In recent years, according to the observations of scientists, tulips in the desert becomes smaller.

According Moseykin over the past few years, the area Tulip steppe reduced. This happens because the flowering coincides with the May holidays, and people do not know how this fragile ecosystem, "specifically stop the car and pluck the flowers in large quantities."

"We plan to organize in May ecological tulip festival where you can come and admire, but do not pick flowers," — said Moseykin RIA Novosti.

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