Environmentalists have convinced to give up cutting 70 thousand hectares of forests of Arkhangelsk

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, Greenpeace Russia and the timber company "Titan", Rent a forest in the Arkhangelsk region, signed a 25-year moratorium on cutting 70,000 hectares of forest, which is hoping to environmentalists, will become part of the reserve, said Tuesday the WWF.

"The agreement on a moratorium on logging in the most valuable part of the array of indigenous boreal forests on the watershed of the Northern Dvina and Pinega in the Arkhangelsk region and partially located in the lease, the company" Titan ", signed by the two years of difficult negotiations between environmentalists and timber merchants. Moratorium provides a complete failure by the company from logging and road construction in the area of strict protection for the entire term of the lease, "- said in a statement.

According to RIA Novosti Head of Arkhangelsk branch of WWF Andrey Shchegolev, agreement has been reached thanks to the voluntary certification FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). If the timber company wants to enter the European market, it must obtain a certificate FSC, certifying that the product is made of wood, which is environmentally and socially responsible farming.

"To be certified, companies must comply with the terms of the certification standards. Standard includes ten principles, including the preservation of high conservation value. A company that wants to position itself as an environmentally responsible company, must take steps to preserve the most valuable forests in the concession "- said Shchegolev.

The same environmentalists are hoping that in the future, in an area of 480 000 hectares, which includes part of the forest, rented by "Titan" will be established reserve, as this forest — one of the few remaining areas of the taiga in Europe, virtually untouched by human activity and live in these forests included in the Red Book of Russia peregrine falcons and their relatives — Skopje.

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