Eternal hamburger David Whipple

David Whipple — An American, who decided to put the experience of the burger he kept for 14 years. The product of the chemical industry, he presented at the "court" to physicians who were confused by the fact that for such a long period Burger did not spoiled!

On the dangers of fast food and questionable products used for its preparation, said a great deal. Recently, on the popular television show in the U.S. medical man appeared, who presented another argument for rejecting junk food.

Man from Utah discovered bought at McDonald's in 1999 gambger, and how great was his surprise when he saw that over the past 14 years, the burger has not changed. David Whipple during the month showed friends a miracle food, which without proper storage conditions did not spoiled for such a significant period of time.

It all started with the fact that the man who bought a hamburger, two years forgot about him, thrusting into the pocket of his coat, where the sandwich spent two years. Finding your loss "unharmed", the man decided to continue his unusual experiment. And what was his surprise when, after 14 years, the burger was not changed and remained the same as it was purchased.

"It was not on purpose," — said Whipple, which appeared in on the popular medical TV show, talking about his decision to keep the burger for such a long period of time.

"I was showing some people how enzymes work, and I thought the burger would be a good idea. I used it for a month, and then completely forgot about it. He was wrapped in ordinary paper bag and lay in the pocket of my coat, which I threw into the back seat of his truck, and it lay there, I do not know, two or three months, "- said Whipple.

He said he then turned his coat in the closet of his home in the town of Logan, Utah.

"My wife found him only after a year or two after that. When she pulled it out of his pocket I said, 'Oh, my gosh. I can not believe he looks exactly the same. On the burger was no sign of mold, fungi or even a strange smell. The only thing that has changed over the years, so it's a slice of cucumber, which collapsed, "- he said.

Whipple, who still has the original receipt for this Hamburger said he now shows the sample of fast food to his grandchildren, to encourage them to eat healthy.

"It's great that I can clearly demonstrate their grandchildren harm hamburgers. Young people rarely believe in the word, but fortunately, I have proof and I hope that will help them stay healthy, "- he added.



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