EU sounds alarm for corruption in Spain

Echo of high-profile corruption scandals in Spain has come to Brussels, said the journalist El Pais Claudia Perez. At the disposal of the newspaper business was the report of the European Commission, warning of the negative consequences of current incidents. The Commission highlighted the history of the publication of the alleged archive Luis Barcenas — former treasurer of the ruling People's Party. "Barcenas recorded that almost all members of the party leadership, including Prime Minister Rahoyu, issued thousands of euros," — says the reporter. Rajoy denies everything.

"The Spaniards have lost confidence in their politicians," — said in the report. European officials are predicting that many people completely turn away from politics. They also point out that corruption — one of the factors that undermine investor confidence in Spain (other factors — "yet unfinished reform of the banking system" and "the mass of unknowns in the situation with the institutional structure").

It is noteworthy that in public statements Brussels "respectfully and almost inexorably," according to the author, is silent on the matter Barcenas. EU representatives have assured that this story would have no impact on the health improvement program of Spanish banks.

Yet the EU is certainly concerned about the situation in Spain and the whole social and political risks that a high-ranking official called the greatest threat to the stability of the euro.

Informed sources said that the corruption scandals have much influence immediate consequences. First, the EU partners will be treated to Spain in disbelief and even more tightly control its anti-crisis program. Second, there are doubts that the team will be able to bring Rajoy reform to the end and cut the budget in 2014 by agreement with Brussels.

Barcenas deal will strengthen confidence in the Nordic countries to the governments and parliaments of the South, to confirm the most ugly prejudices concerning Spain, the second German analyst Ansgar protein.

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