Europe faces an epidemic of incurable infectious diseases

Europeans are increasingly pick up the dangerous infectious diseases spread by "superbugs" which are powerless against even the most powerful antibiotics. It is a species of bacteria K.pneumoniae, contained in the gut. Doctors sigh, that the development of new drugs to fight the infection, a long and costly, writes British newspaper Independent.
According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), in many European countries to 50% of cases of infections caused by bacteria K.pneumoniae, can not be cured even with the strongest of the existing antibiotics called carbapenems. Title same bacteria K.pneumoniae sounds like "Klebsiella pneumonia."
It is contained in the human intestine and leads to various diseases of the respiratory and urinary systems. But the problem is not even in the most bacteria K.pneumoniae, well-known scientists, and its new variety, which, at the moment, it is very difficult to treat. Recently, almost no probability of catching a treatable disease for Europeans has more than doubled — the frequency of infection "superbugs" has increased from 7% to 15%. At this point, outbreaks, resistance to antibiotics, were recorded in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.
With this new type of germ K.pneumoniae — not the only danger that threatens the health of Europeans. For example, in the UK found 70 carriers of the bacteria containing the protein molecule (or enzyme) called NDM-1. He easily resists the action of the strongest antibiotic carbapenems. Hazardous trace element was detected in 80% of European tourists returning home from India. Scientists fear that the bacteria with NDM-1 can be more widely disseminated. In addition, in Spain and Italy, was discovered in a new strain of E. coli, timeless fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Almost half of the patients who pick up this infection, doctors were unable to save him.
According to statistical research in the European Union each year from infectious diseases are not treatable with antibiotics, die about 25 000 people. The most common diseases caused by "superbugs", meet the inhabitants of Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Cyprus. Doctors warn that the new variety K.pneumoniae bacteria transmitted through touching dirty objects, so it's the least you can do to protect yourself from this (and many other) diseases — is to wash your hands before eating.

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